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Shaaditimers » Member-contribution » Visions-of-truth-060117
Visions of truth

One of my New Year's resolution is to stop lying too, even though EVERYONE does. As long as the lie is not so bad, right? In fact, I found this cool poem that I would love to share. I think... it's quite inspirational to say the least. All actors lie - it's part of the role.


Visions of truth
How long have you known?
How much longer will my soul atone?
The multitude of my past errors "I question
God, is this Revelation?
From morning to nigh
And every year that went by
You witnessed each feeble alibi
With developing intentions of an eye for an eye
No longer will I question who, how, Where, or even why
But when will your empire strike back I'm condemned to your unexpected attacks
And weapons of mass... I mean abstract destruction
Also known as sick mind games
Succumbing to meds from my delusions of persecution
Now which one of us is really the one to blame?
I think of you when I recall every misfortune
From our first encounter; I regret ever knowing you
My tears of sadness even joy; I regret ever showing you
Every sentimental gift of affection; I regret giving you
Imaginations of a wife and mother to your children; I regret dreaming of you
Your lifelong childhood dreams and aspirations; I regret believing in you
The pathetic promises, excuses, and lies; I regret trusting you
You are the devil in disguise; I regret ever loving you
Your very face makes me ill to my stomach; I regret even thinking of you
You and your legion would keep a silent distance as you observed me prance in my stable
But when you were ready to ride me you'd shuffle me precisely like strip poker on a cards table
How dare you! Who do you think you are" God?
Just cause your name is derived from Islam and you attend Eid and plan to go to Hajj?
I know of your sick intentions; go read about Zawaj
There was never any such thing as Shaadi dot call me
But only my true intent for comradery
I really can't believe I allowed you to bother me
SWT "He is the Most Gracious Most Merciful
And to Him belong the names Most Beautiful
And to Him only am I most fearful and dutiful
The underlying hint between skitzofrenia and teroysm is evidence
So I warn you be very careful

Name of the poet not known

Feedback by Angelina
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