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A friend in need was all they talked about. At every wedding the women would gather together and tell each other of their success stories. What was the big deal? How was I supposed to know that a few months down the line, that very matrimonial site would be a big deal for me? All the glory stories were bringing me down so on a break at work I decided to have a look.

I hope none sees me, was the only thought going through my head, what would people think??


Prince Charming?
With nothing to lose, I registered. I waited for days but none seemed to be responding and then there it was. An email from telling me that ***** has contacted me and was awaiting a response. So I replied and accepted this stranger.

I read his profile and was pleasantly impressed. He was just the kinda guy I was looking for. We exchanged messages quite frequently from then. I could now go to these family functions and also boast of my experience.

Things with my accepted friend were moving smoothly, we had the same aspirations and the same goals.

For 6 lovely months we stayed in contact. We telephoned each other every couple of hours, we became inseparable.

A dream shatters
All my doubts and niggled feelings about this way of meeting people had drizzled out.

We talked about the future; we talked about marriage and children.

Maybe our happiness was too much for people to handle. All of a sudden it felt that someone was cursing our relationship. We were strained, we became agitated with each other. I loved him so much but couldn't bear to talk to him, as I knew what the conversation would be like.

The true friend
Maybe I wasn't destined to be happy. I needed to talk to somebody and my only friend at that time was So on there I go again. Accepting and chatting to members. How did **** find out?? That was it; it was the final straw in our relationship. He left me to be alone and upset. came to the rescue but I was beyond rescuing. My faith in relationships had been lost. All alone and lost, I've given up.

Love happens but don't let the evil eyes of other ruin it for you. It happened to me and it hurts.

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