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Love » Gender-relations » Things-husbands-should-never-tell-040119
10 Things You Should Never Say to Your Wife
4 wedding factsIf you've completed a year or more of your marriage, you would definitely agree with these 10 points listed below. There are times when husbands think they're being smart, sincere or witty but in reality it's just plain annoying for women. Here are 10 things women hate listening to from their husband...

  1. "Your best friend still looks gorgeous"
    Say this to yourself but not to your wife or else you had it. You are only going to be inviting problems for yourself by making that comment. It's better for you to gawk in secret. 
  2. "Why don't you ever wear stuff like she's wearing?"
    For most wives, especially moms, the days of skinny pants and mini skirts are long gone. Comparing your wife to the rare mommy who still has the nerve to slip on skimpy outfits will only get you in trouble. So, its better you remain quite.
  3. "You're turning exactly into your mother"
    It's a reality no woman is ever ready or willing to face, whether or not it's true. If its true in your wive's case, let it be! You need not say it ten times. Her mom wasn't a zombie, wasn't she? And if not her mom who else will she turn into?  
  4. "Allright, I'll babysit" 
    What do you mean when you say that? How many times do you need to be reminded, it's not babysitting if they are your own kids. So, stop saying that for God's sake!
  5. "Damn! I can't find my..." 
    Let's get real. You can't find it because you didn't look that hard. So, move it, open your eyes and look for it.
  6. "Are you going to wear chappals with your skirt?"  
    Honesty is said to be the best policy, agreed! But that doesn't mean you start deciding what is she supposed to wear with what. No way! It's her skirt, her chappals and she knows how to team it up. So leave her alone or find some other way to delicately point it out.
  7. "The one who makes more money should do less housework."  
    Who are you, Don Draper? The Mad Men era ended, like some, 50 years ago so come on! grab a broom now and get going.
  8. "Don't worry, I'll try and fix it."  
    Really? Then what were you waiting for all this while? And if you've ruined or borken her favourite stuff, you got no choice but to fix it NOW.
  9. "But I Just changed the diaper this morning."   
    Really? You did? How sweet! And you think your darling daughter is wearing the same diaper since morning? Children pee more often, hope you know that! So, its your turn again!
  10. "Lets plan for another kid honey"    
    Of course, the person who does the least amount of cooking, cleaning, and nurturing would think adding to the brood was no big deal. Let's see if you feel that way after playing Mr. Mom for a week.
Vipasha Pillai
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