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Cinema fascinates, provokes, inspires and entertains more powerfully than any other media. Shaaditimes seeks to understand and interpret human relationships in all its nuances.
What better way to explore these intricacies than reviewing films that explore the agonies and ecstasies of human relationships?
If you too want to review any such film please do send it in to the editor.

B.A.G. Films'
Zindaggi Rocks
Rating : 

Zindaggi Rocks Produced by Anurradha Prasad
Written and directed by Tanuja Chandra
Music by Anu Malik
Featuring Sushmita Sen, Shiney Ahuja, Moushumi Chaterjee, Kim Sharma, Julian, Ravi Gossain & others

Noble purpose defeated
What is happening to our filmmakers? Why is indulgence mistaken for courage of conviction, and poor value for money for a lack of compromise? Take Tanuja Chandra, who has yet to connect with the audience. When we watched Yeh Zindagi Ka Safar and Sur, I connected with them despite their poor performance at the box-office and slow pace only because they had a certain uplifting quality and a touching look at relationships and human redemption and growth that left me feeling good.


Zindaggi Rocks simply fails to do that. Yes, the premise, for all its silliness, is 'noble' - a mother finds her (adopted) son in critical cardiac condition (due to a congenital 'hole in the heart') and the shortage of donors finally makes her commit suicide to allow him to live on with her own heart transplanted into him.

Kriya (Sushmita Sen), a rock star, is part of a madcap family that includes a stern mother and her twin sister who is the exact opposite (both played by Moushumi Chaterjee), her childhood friend and business manager (Kim Sharma) and a 'Punjabi cowboy'(sic) driver (Ravi Gosain) apart from the adopted son. She encounters Dr Suraj (Shiney Ahuja) during a minor surgery and they fall in love. Trouble is, the doc has a wife he madly loves, but she has been in coma for 5 years. Though he realizes that she will never recover, he does not abandon his loyalty till love strikes - and his mother-in-law approves.

After a lot of emotional tussle, when doc and rock star finally unite, along comes the shock - of the kid's ailment. The end has the rock star's family, including the doc, celebrating his birthday with patently fake gaiety to show that life goes on, no matter what. Meanwhile the law has got involved because of Kriya's death and the irregularities in the heart transplant affair, and the story is narrated in flashback as the doc tells it to a cop, who is so moved that she destroys the file of his medical irregularities!

The film's best parts come in the first half, with the situations, the beautiful lines (Mudassar Aziz, whose lyrics too are decent, like Anu Malik's music) and the emotional quotients packing a great wallop. The sudden shift from the doc's-wife-in-coma angle to that of the kid's ailment and the rock star's internal crumble not only jerks unconvincingly but makes us wonder how the writer-director claims to have fulfilled or spotlighted her own premise. The relationships are effectively displayed in the first half, but there is too frequent a descent into melodrama later, and that is when the happenings stop touching you, and appear to be the addle-headed behavior and consequences of weak human beings who only possess a veneer of internal strength.

Technically above average, the film also plods in the second half and the script is replete with flaws. The final message is laughably ludicrous: when adversity strikes, get broken internally but pretend to be happy, and sacrifice a healthy family member's life for someone who is sick. Kriya was not being strong and a supreme mother but a selfish soul who showed scant disregard for her man, her family and others with her obsession.

Sushmita Sen is extraordinary, a case of too much invested in a project that does not deserve her hundred-plus percent dedication. Shiney Ahuja is okay, but why does he have to choose dark subjects alone? Moushumi Chaterjee fares better as the strict sis. The rest are competent, no more.

The director once said on record that when a movie ends, there should be that feel-good feeling and no regret at investing in the film. Wish that she had remembered that when she wrote this epistle of negativity and depression and defeated her own funda and the title.

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The views expressed above are of the writer and shaaditimes does not necessarily endorse the same.

Rajiv Vijayakar
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