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SleepwellIs Your Mattress Playing Games With Your Sex Life?

Is Your Mattress Playing Games With Your Sex Life? If you were looking for ways to improve your sex life, or let's put it another way; suppose you were looking for something to blame your woeful sex life on, would you give a second thought to the state of your mattress? Probably not.

Yes, if it was a niggling back ache that refused to go away, or sleep problems, even a neck pain, then you'd probably blame all these things on a bad mattress. But holding a mattress responsible for a not-so-happening sex life - naaahh.

However unbelievable you may find this, a bad mattress can in fact ruin your sex life, and in more ways than one. Let's take a look at how your mattress could be playing games with your sex life.


The Relation Between Your Mattress And Great Sex

Size of the mattress
A too large or too small mattress can impact your sex life negatively. For instance, if the mattress is too big, it prevents intimacy between the couple. You and your partner would just end up sleeping way apart from each other and there's certainly no fun in that! You'd miss out on all the snuggling and accidental touching, all of which add spontaneity to your sex life. On the other hand, if the mattress is too small, you'll probably keep falling off it in the throes of passion, and such a comedy routine can kill a mood faster than anything.

The duration of its use
The number of years (10-15 at an average) that most people use the same mattress for is absolutely shocking. Agreed that mattresses are made to be used for years on end, but most of us use them way past their expiry date. Even after it gets lumpy, or the springs start poking you, and the mattress has lost all its initial comfort, it continues to be used. Sleeping on such a mattress is far from comfortable and can affect the quality of your sleep considerably. And lack of sleep can be the main cause of a dismal sex life.

And since sleep is now being touted as the new sex, good sleep is vital. If your mattress prevents you from getting as much sleep as you need, it can make you depressed and anxiety ridden. Lack of quality sleep can even lead to decreased sexual desire in women and sometimes even penile dysfunction in men. You definitely don't need us to tell you what that can do to your sex life!

Type of mattress
An old and lumpy mattress can spoil your sex life, but there are many different types of mattresses that can actually boost it.
  • Memory foam mattress: Memory foam takes the exact contours of your body, making such a mattress feel like a lover's caress. So, whichever way you move, no uncomfortable pressure points are created on such a mattress as it takes your body shape perfectly. Thus, you are free to try out all those varied sex positions that were simply not possible on your old mattress.
  • Spring mattress: A mattress with an inner spring bounces as you move. Because of this bouncing action of the mattress, you can achieve greater rhythm and speed when you push down during the act of love-making. You can get that much closer to your lover and enjoy an incredible sex life.
  • Coir mattresses: While some people enjoy extra bounce from their mattresses, others need a firmer mattress that provides them with added support. If you belong to the latter category, a coir mattress can be great for your sex life. You won't sink and get stuck in the mattress, nor will you have to grab onto the headboard of the bed to keep from moving around during love-making.

Didn't ever consider how much good or bad a mattress can do for your sex life? Well, now you know! To sum it up like in the credit card ad:

Buying a good quality mattress - Rs. 10,000
Subsequent savings on health costs - Rs. 20,000
Enjoying a new and charged up sex life with your lover - Priceless!

Ruchi Agarwal
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