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Happily share kitchen space with your ma-in-law

Kitchen + mother-in-law = Recipe for disaster and how to avoid it

So you like to cook. You find it relaxing, and you look forward to impressing your new in-laws with your culinary prowess. Sure go right ahead. But...

Happily share kitchen space with your ma-in-law Coming back to the point, it can be a bit sticky (figuratively speaking) situation in the real world. You may like doing things in a certain style and your mother-in-law with years of ownership of the kitchen, would like things done her way. Here are some tips collected from daughter-in-laws in similar circumstances:


  1. Manage your ingredients:
    You like to put exotic herbs in your pastas that no one in your 'sasural' uses. Let your mother- in-law and kitchen staff know about it. Else be prepared to find your precious basil and oregano in the cleaning bin.

  2. Too many cooks?
    So you live in a modern day apartment with just enough kitchen space to stand and there is a big party coming up? Both you and your mother-in-law decide to stir up a storm and get working on it. The kitchen staff however, will listen to your mother- in- law's order first and then if they have the time, yours! Be prepared for this. This is bound to happen. Plan for this eventuality and get your work done by asking your mother- in- law to free up an assistant for you.

  3. Backseat cooks:
    In how many different ways can you make gajar ka halwa? You will discover this when you mom-in-law peaks over your shoulder every 2 minutes and tells you that you should put eliachi for better flavour, add the sugar in the end and get khoya only from the family halwai. If you are the calm and composed types, this should not ruffle your feathers, but should it bother you a tad, I would recommend making complicated items when your mother-in-law is occupied elsewhere.

  4. Obsessive compulsive disorder does not work in the kitchen:
    You have a habit of putting everything back in its place just to discover that the pepper crusher which you put on the top shelf is lying right next to the cooking range! This, you will just have to grin and bear as we don't recommend confronting your mother-in-law on such trivial issues.

You may face other problems in a similar situation, which does not form part of the article. My recommendation would be to think positive and create solutions rather than fret about it. It is also advisable that you take joint credit with your mother-in-law in order to earn brownie points with her. At the end of the day, keep in mind that the ways to a man's heart is still through his stomach.

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