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Medical treatment to solve ovulation problem

Dr. Aniruddha Malpani Dr. Aniruddha Malpani
Renowned infertility specialist. He runs an infertility clinic in Mumbai and has written many books.

Shailaja asks,
I am 25 years old and my husband is 31 years. We both are physically fit. For the last 5 months I am trying to conceive a baby. We are having intercourse every other day. Is it safe to go for it everyday? Will that increase the chances for me to get pregnant?
Dear Shailaja,

Yes, you can have sex every single day if you like. If you are not pregnant after trying for 1 year, then you should seek medical assistance, to find out if there is a medical problem.


Sam asks,
I am married since the last 2 years. I have one kid but I can't have sex regularly because in a span of 5 - 6 minutes my penis begins to hurt.
What should I do?
Dear Sam,

If you can maintain an erection for 5 minutes, you are completely normal, and do not need any testing or treatment.

Rami asks,
I am a man working in Maldives. My problem is that, my genital organ gets curved down when I get an erection instead of curving up. Will this make any problem while having sexual relation?
Dear Rami,

No, it will not. A slight degree of curvature in any direction is normal.

XYZ asks,
I have been married for the last four years. I was doing fine, but suddenly in the last one year I have been ejaculating too fast. Just touch and play is enough for my simulation some times. What type of tests or check-ups can bring out the problem in me? What could be the method of treatment for this type of problem?
Dear XYZ,

This is called premature ejaculation. This is a psychological problem, which can be treated by learning the squeeze technique.

ABC asks,
I am a 24-year-old getting married in February 2004. I have irregular menses. Will I have a problem with ovulation? I want to undergo all the tests before getting married because I want to conceive.
Dear ABC,

Yes, the fact you have irregular periods means you are not ovulating. The only tests you need for measuring FSH, LH, PRL and TSH levels in your blood, to determine the reason for your ovulation.

LMN asks,
Is it normal to get pregnant immediately after marriage? What is the best physical posture to get pregnant?
Dear LMN,

It can take a year of regular intercourse to get pregnant after marriage, if both of you are normal. Any position is fine.

Sharmila asks,
I am going to get married in December this year. I always had a problem with irregular menses. Hence I had gone for a whole check. The tests revealed that I have PCOD. I got pregnant once and had to abort the child. My question is whether I will be able to conceive again after my marriage? Also, will my husband know that I was not a virgin?
Dear Sharmila,

You will be able to conceive, but you may need medical treatment (ovulation induction) to do so. It's practically impossible for a man to make out if a woman is a virgin or not.

Names of senders have been concealed on request.

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