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All that you need to know and more

Decline in sexual desire...

Manya asks,
My problem is that since last few months I have some white discharge. In addition to this I don't feel an urge for sex. I have period problem as well. I get my periods only for two days and I feel my stomach has become big.
Dear Manya,

White discharge is a problem only if it is associated with itching, burning or stained with blood. This can be diagnosed very easily on examination and can be effectively treated. Your scanty, irregular periods and decline in sexual desire may be because of hormonal imbalance. It would be wiser to consult a gynaec-endocrinologist.


Masturbation leads to constipation...

Jagdeep Shah ask,
Hi, It may seem odd to you. But this is what I have been experiencing from many years and I have consulted my doctor in US regarding this problem and he doesn't believe it. But this is true. I am a 25 year old male. Whenever I masturbate I get highly constipated for next 2-3 days. With constipation I tend to eat less and the area under my eyes turns black. If I don't masturbate I am not constipated. I am getting married soon and think this is going to be problematic. Please help me out.
Dear Jagdeep Shah,

What you are conveying is absolutely right and there is a medical basis for your problem. The nerve supply to genitals and to the anal region is the same; i.e. Sacral nerve 2 & 3. Hence many men do report this particular type of concern. This as such does not have any direct correlation with the dark circles around the eyes but because of this a person may sometimes become anxious which may lead to insomnia and the resultant reversible dark circles around the eyes. You may consume high fibre diet and non- habit forming herbal laxative for constipation. Try reducing foods that cause constipation, i.e. breads, pizzas, pastas, fried foods, fruits like apples, raw bananas, and pomegranate.

Use of Viagra or Cialis...

S George asks,
I am a 34 year old male, married for 8 years now. My sex life has been pretty satisfactory till late. Suddenly for about a month now, I lose my erection early during intercourse. Will using any of the generic versions of Viagra or Cialis help?
Dear S George,

Essentially, your problem appears to be situational because of it's sudden onset. However, it would be wiser to get your blood sugar and serum lipids (cholesterol, triglycerides etc) done. Cialis and Viagra can be of help in this situation. If you are taking Viagra, you need to take it on an empty stomach and an hour prior to the sex act. These drugs are contra-indicated if you are taking anti-hypertensive drugs that contain nitrates. And this being a prescription drug, it should be taken strictly under the supervision of a doctor. Note : These drugs do not create an erection. But they help in increasing the rigidity and sustenance of already achieved erection, which is precisely your problem.

Little curvature of the penis...

Shah asks,
I am a 32 year old single male. I have a problem with my penis which is just 4 inches and when it's erect there is a curvature. About 4 years back I had done co-habitation with my girl friend, it was very embarrassing because I discharged without intercourse when only my penis touched her body, but after 15 minutes again I tried and was successful. Is there any way I can get my penis straight. Please help me because I am afraid and want to marry.
Dear Mr Shah,

The length, width and angle of the penis vary with different individuals. The normal sexual length of vagina is 6 inches. Only outer one-third has sensations; inner two-third (4 inches) is largely insensitive. Hence for adequate female sexual gratification the size of the erect penis could be anything from 2 inches or more!
Little curvature of the penis is a normal phenomenon. Unless there is evidence of pain during vaginal penetration, you need not worry.

Erotic arousal...

Raju asks,
I am a 30 year old man and married. My penis becomes hard very fast and I ooze out little fluid when ever I read or see sexy girls. Other problem is my wife has very little desire for sex. Most of the time she avoids it. Can you give suggestion how to increase my wife's sexual desires.
Dear Raju,

When you are exposed to the situations favoring erotic arousal, a drop or two of colourless sticky fluid may ooze out. This is akin to salivation in the mouth while seeing the sweet! This is normal and does not require any treatment. Regarding your wife's desire, there could be many reasons ranging from partner's dislike to depression. The best way to find out this, is to ask your wife about her likes and dislikes. In such situations, the most important and effective four letter word is 'TALK'.

Queries answered by
Dr. Prakash & Rachna Kothari
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