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RegrowSure & StrongSure Scalp Therapy

Can't I massage the medicines in the scalp instead of taking microinjections? When one massages any medicine into the scalp there is minimal absorption and rest of the medicine goes waste leading to an ineffective treatment. With our therapy we are sure that the medicine reaches the desired destination in precise amount to show results. Also this method needs little maintenance later on.

Are there any side effects?
The procedure is painless. The medicaments used are in minimal doses only enough for the hair follicles and with the special technique of delivering them close to the hair follicles there is no systemic absorption and no side effect.

Understanding The Procedure:
RegrowSure and StrongSure Therapies are employed with a highly precise device, which offers significant benefits in rendering the treatment painless and comfortable to the patients as well as adding precision and consistency in delivering medicaments through microinjections to the dermal papillae. The sessions are about 20-30 minutes long and there is no downtime. One can resume work immediately.

StrongSure Scalp Therapy:
StrongSure Scalp Therapy offers the right compounds of hair growth factors, vitamins, micronutrients, amino acids etc for prevention and treatment of Alopecia. It is an excellent non-invasive technique and there are no hormonal side effects.


StrongSure Scalp Therapy is particularly recommended:
  1. To treat non-androgenic Alopecia
  2. To repair hair prematurely damaged by environmental aggressions (sun, pollution, etc)
  3. To stimulate hair growth and health
  4. To treat female hair loss
  5. To eliminate dandruff and seborrhea
  6. To treat thin and/or devitalized hair/premature graying

The results are apparent just after few sessions and completion of the Therapy leads to strong, shiny and healthy hair with hair loss control, regaining of lost volume and pigments in case of premature graying.

Cost: The Cost of StrongSure Scalp Therapy for 4 months involving 6-10 sittings ranges from Rs. 15,000 to 18,000.

RegrowSure Scalp Therapy: This Treatment is recommended for Androgenetic Alopecia or Male / Female Pattern Thinning. The treatment is recommended where the person has already developed a bald patch or there is a severe thinning of hair in any area of scalp.

RegrowSure Scalp Therapy consists of a formulation of growth factors, DHT blockers, vitamins and minerals administered directly into the scalp as close to the dermal papilla as possible. It reverses the pattern of baldness and rejuvenates the growth of hair. It replaces the vitamins and minerals lost with the onset of age, stimulates the circulation of blood in the scalp area and rejuvenate the hair follicles. The hair regrowth and the visible changes in the affected area begin after a few sessions of RegrowSure Scalp Therapy. The number of sessions may vary from person to person. It generally requires 6-10 sessions to achieve the results.

Cost: The Cost of RegrowSure ScalpTherapy for 4 months involving 6-10 sessions ranges from Rs. 18,000 to Rs. 23,000.
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