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RegrowSure & StrongSure Scalp Therapy

Dr. Rekha Dr. Rekha
A Certified Trichologist from International Association of Trichologists (IAT), Australia Dr.Rekha is a renowned hair-loss specialist. She treats clients with all types of Hair And Scalp conditions.

RegrowSure & StrongSure Scalp We have pioneered in establishing a Protocol to increase Telogen hair reactivation by two proven result oriented therapies - RegrowSure Scalp Therapy and StrongSure Scalp Therapy.

These procedures consist of a series of few sittings of painless transfer of FDA approved Nutriments of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, copper peptides, DHT blockers etc. directly into the dermal layer of scalp as close to the dermal papilla of dying hair follicles as possible. The therapy involving Injecting Nutriments in the dermal layer was introduced in France and has been practiced around the world with proven results. The formulation or the blends used for the treatment are highly standardized concoctions made in USA with proven results and Clinical studies show 91% efficacy in Hair loss cases. These Therapies have been designed to stimulate new hair growth by rejuvenating damaged hair follicles and to create a healthy environment for new hair to grow naturally.


RegrowSure and Strong Sure Scalp Therapies can eliminate the need for hair transplant in many cases.

What is the need of microinjections of the Nutriments into the scalp when I can take them orally? Hair is the most neglected part and receives the minimal nutrition as compared to other parts of our body. All the vital Nutrition is distributed to the other organs, as hair is not vital for life. In patients suffering from hair loss the nutrition does not reach the hair follicle in required quantity. Sometimes there is malabsorption of the nutrition from the gut inspite of a good diet or oral nutritional supplements.

By these microinjections we bypass the gut and supply the dermal papilla enough nutrition and growth factors, which results in awakening of dormant follicles, and they start living again naturally.

There is another scientific reason. Androgen or the male hormone - Testosterone, which is circulating in the body, gets converted into DHT or Dihydrotestestorne. This DHT is what is responsible for hair loss as it binds to the hair follicles and reduces blood supply and brings about its miniturisation. Conventionally to treat Male Pattern Thinning physicians and dermatologists prescribe Antiandrogens or 5 alpha reductase enzyme inhibitors for oral intake to prevent excess conversion of Testosterone to DHT and it can lead to side effects like sexual dysfunctions in some cases.

Our RegrowSure Scalp Therapy blocks the DHT in the scalp where it is formed from the Testosterone and blocks its action on the hair follicles and revives them by using absolutely safe DHT inhibitors and growth factors which stimulate the stem cells in the hair follicle to regrow. Thus, eliminating the need of any oral medicine, which can lead to undesirable side effect.

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