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Tuned in together
Rasik and Ketaki Dave

Rasik and Ketaki Dave
Rasik nods in agreement, "I don't agree with people who say that kids are a mother's responsibility, I think the father should be equally responsible. And whatever your kids learn from you, they'll imply in their lives. And what better place to start this than at home."

No ego clashes
And being such known personalities in each other's domains, do they have any ego clashes?
"Actually, there should have been clashes but we never had any, simply because he is a very self-secure person, someone who is unaffected by success or failure. And, in fact he was the one who encouraged me to shed my inhibitions and act. So, it was never an issue between us. And as far as I am concerned I prefer to stay grounded than to fly high in momentary success," says Ketaki.

"I would say, touch wood. By the grace of God we had never had any clashes. And if Ketaki has made a good name for herself, I'm the one who's the proudest of all," says a proud Rasik.

Friends who talk endlessly
Being so busy how do they take time out to meet each other?
"That's something which we've learnt over the years. We adjust our schedules such a way that we spend at least 2-3 hours with each other everyday. I think that keeps the chemistry alive. Mobiles are also a boon, so whenever she's busy for a few days we talk over the phone," says Rasik fondly.

Ketaki however, says, "I wonder why couples today say that the love fades out after some years. I think it deepens more and more by each passing year and then eventually the person becomes a part of you. We still are like two friends who talk endlessly and have arguments and tiffs, but in a mature fashion."


Even my kids ask how we stayed together for 23 years!
Ketaki says, "I think the younger generation today is intolerant. Also, both the partners today are financially independent and feel that they can walk out of the marriage if it doesn't work. They don't realize that marriage is a serious commitment."

"Also, I feel that women feel that when we're earning the same money why should we look after the house as well. They fail to understand that a house is a woman's domain and it is only she who can run it properly. Once in a while there can be a Mrs. Doubtfire, but not always. You have to adjust according to the circumstances."

However, Rasik says that, "Marriage is definitely losing its significance these days. Even my kids come up to me and ask how we stayed together for 23 years. I think its the foundation that matters and that's what's wrong with today's young couples. The foundation is not strong enough to stand against trying times. And when such problems arise, they drift apart."

"If you love each other dearly and care for each other, then come what may, you'll stand by each other. That's what a marriage is all about."

Avantika Bahuguna
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