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Celebrities » Wedding-stories » Rasik-ketaki-dave-051004
Tuned in together
Rasik and Ketaki Dave

Rasik and Ketaki Dave
She is well-known as Daksha Chachi (Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi ) whose "Ar ra ra ra" catapulted her to fame almost overnight, and he is a well-known theatre personality.

They share the same mobile phone ring-tone along with the same thoughts, their passion for acting and love for theatre which made them fall in love. And now after 23 years of marriage, the love is still going strong.

Meet Ketaki and Rasik Dave, the couple who very much believe in the fact that "a relationship is all about give and take." So, what's their secret for a happy marriage? Read on to know:

I would even accept roles, which I wouldn't otherwise
"I think it was our passion for theatre and acting that brought us together," says Ketaki. "We started our career together and were struggling to make a mark, getting roles, film offers and the like. So, wherever he would go to drop his pictures I'd also accompany him to give in mine."

"I don't know whether I should call it love at first sight, but we always wanted to be with each other. We enjoyed each other's company. I was working at the TV center as a production assistant. So, just to be with her I would even accept roles which I wouldn't otherwise," says Rasik on a lighter note. He further says, "However, the struggle and problems which we faced initially made us understand each other well and brought us closer as friends."

Ketaki Dave She's very good at saving money
"He is very supportive of whatever I want to do. When I got married I thought that I would be sitting at home and my career will come to an end. But he was the one who insisted I should work because he knew I had the potential to make it big. And today whatever name I've made for myself, I feel I've flowered more as an actor because of him," says a nostalgic Ketaki. "He gives me that internal strength and emotional security. And he knows how to make things work out well."

Any one quality, which she doesn't like about him, "He's very extravagant and likes to live life king size whereas I'm not such a spendthrift."

Ask Rasik the same question and he promptly replies, "She's very good at saving money. So, I'm happy that the finance department is in safe hands. Jokes apart I like her honest and simple nature. She's a very warm and affable person at heart."

So who calls the shots at home? Rasik promptly replies, "Ours is a very practical relationship. After 23 years now we are more like friends who have seen each other grow together. So nobody dominates. Both of us express our opinions and give feedbacks. There are certain areas where I am good and certain others where she is better, so there are certain demarcating lines which define our duties, which I feel exist in every family."

We also had our share of problems
"Marriage is just another name for companionship", both of them say in unison. Ketaki says, "I think adjustments have to be made from both sides for a stable marriage. And the more stable your marriage, the more stable your life and the better you'll feel, emotionally and mentally. So, you have to stick to your marriage irrespective of the number of adjustments you make. And once your kids come into the picture your life becomes secondary. You have to ensure that they get a happy and secure future because they are the worst affected, in case your marriage falls apart."

Corroborates Rasik, "Like any normal couple we also had our share of problems and I feel every marriage is a plethora of emotions, bad times, good times and trying times. As a couple you have to stay together, support each other and fight it out."

I think the father should be equally responsible
Talking of family, Ketaki firmly believes that family is their topmost priority, "For me, my family is very important. And I feel that it's very important for both the husband and wife to be cordial and respectful towards each other's parents. You tend to grow closer and also learn a lot of things when part of a family. This is something I feel which the single couples these days miss out on. Also, he's one of those fathers who are actively involved in their kids' life. He wants to be with them, know what they are doing. And he never ever asked me to give up work and look after the kids at home."

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