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Shaadi  specials
A look at top Hindi  movies on marriage
Marriage, cricket and politics have always been the three top money-spinners in our country. Traditionally, weddings in India have been an extravagant affair, spending being the barometer of one?s status.

Bollywood has had its share of this pie by spinning out some of the biggest films ever made on everything marriage.
Be it the lavish sets, (Hum Aapke Hain Kaun ) or the unique story line (Monsoon Wedding ) to the eternal debate - love or arranged (Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam ) to the burning issue of divorce (Nikaah ) the subject of marriage in Indian films has always wooed audiences to the cinema halls. Shaaditimes takes a look at some of the best films ever made in the past few years on marriage.

Hum Aapke Hai Kaun HUM AAPKE HAI KAUN  (1994 / Director: Sooraj R.Barjatya):
Considered as the mother of all wedding movies, HAHK  was almost a lesson in customs and rituals of a North Indian Hindu marriage and a celebration of Indian traditions. And of course, all about true, selfless love, in typical Barjatya style. It remains one of the biggest hits in the history of Indian cinema, thanks to its perfect mix of humour, romance, music and emotions.

Dilwale Dulhania Le JayengeDILWALE DULHANIA LE JAYENGE  (1995 / Director: Aditya Chopra):
A young romance that ends on a happy note. DDLJ  is about a girl's wish to live life to the fullest before she ties the knot. But what is life without dramatic twists and turns? We are treated to some delightful wedding moments and ceremonies with insights into Indian traditions. This movie gave India a new superstar, Shah Rukh Khan, and the last female icon, Kajol.


Monsoon WeddingMONSOON WEDDING  (2001 / Director: Mira Nair):
Mira Nair delves into the psyche of a family when a wedding is coming up. This movie had every bit of masala  associated with Indian weddings-the bride's dilemma of her already-married lover, a father's worries and tensions, an unmarried and aging cousin's dark secrets, a younger sister's quest for love, and (the best sub-plot) the wedding contractor's love story with the maid and ofcourse, the marriage amidst the beautiful rains. The pre-wedding functions were aesthetically and realistically depicted in the movie just like it happens in weddings nowadays, especially the sangeet  ceremony.

Salaam NamasteSALAAM NAMASTE  (2005 / Director: Siddharth Anand):
A 21st-century movie, Salaam Namaste  had a very bold and modern concept of live-in relationships as its basic premise. So, what is this anti-marriage movie doing in this list? Well, the message that it finally gives out is that marriage is not an obstacle, and no matter how modern or open your thoughts are, marriage is the best way to seal your love forever and progress positively in a relationship.

Hum Dil De Chuke SanamHUM DIL DE CHUKE SANAM  (1999 / Director: Sanjay Leela Bhansali):
It happens only in India - arranged marriages. A playful and chirpy lady falls in love with a guest from outside India but does not go against her father's wish and gets into an arranged marriage. The husband finds out about her past and actually sets out to re-unite the lovers only to realise in the end that the lady has accepted him as the man in her life! HDDCS  showed us that the Indian concept of arrange marriages is not always a forced, compromised decision but can be a willing choice; and that the Indian woman still considers marriage as an unbreakable bond and her husband as the only man in her life.

Woh 7 DinWOH 7 DIN  (1983 / Director: Bapu)
In this South remake, the heroine loves a village simpleton who has come to the city to try and become a music director. As he is not in a position to give her security as a wife, their love remains unknown to the world even after she is married off to a successful doctor. The doctor realises his wife's feelings and, with great understanding, wants to reunite the lovers and even arranges for the hero to stay with them. All he asks is for the wife to stay on for a week as his mother is dying. But in those seven days, the girl realises that marriage is sacrosanct and not just a ritual.

SWAMI  (1977 / Director: Basu Chaterjee)
In this film, the heroine blatantly continues her affair with her lover even when she is married off to someone else. The old flame even comes to their house frequently under an innocent pretext. But circumstances once again prove that marriage is a supreme bond.

NikaahNIKAAH  (1982 / Director: B. R. Chopra):
Though named Nikaah  (wedding), this hard-hitting Muslim social examined the Islamic convention of the man unilaterally divorcing his wife by uttering the word 'talaaq ' (divorce) thrice. Within these parameters, the film also examined the status of Muslim women in a contemporary society with great sensitivity.

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