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Tarot Gifts For Your Lover

Divya Chugh Divya Chugh
A renowned tarot expert specializing in relationship issues. She excels in ''Compatibility Counseling''. She has immense experience relating with the problems of professionals, youth, students and families. She gives guidance to all kind of working professionals.

Tarot Gifts For Your Lover Finding the right gift for your lover can be a chore when you don't know where to begin. You might be apprehensive about giving him a gift. Will he like it? Will she think you're weird? Take the help of his or her sun sign & Tarot birth card power to get a clue to the perfect gift for him or her - a gift that would match the personality of that special someone in your life!

  • Aries: (Mar 20 - Apr 19)
    Tarot Card - Emperor:
    Normally Arians / Emperor Lovers like to party hard on any occasion. Your typical Aries would like to be pampered on special days. A quiet gourmet dinner that you cook or a quiet restaurant, and cool drinks do nicely to escape all the mayhem of the prior weeks.

    Gift Ideas: Sun glasses, sporting events, disco parties, music CDs, latest & fast computer games & gadgets are the likings of male Arians. Arian females will get attracted to colorful jewellery specially ear rings with Red stones & shiny makeup sets. A bunch of Red Roses with red & pink silk ribbons will attract all her love energies towards you. Tickets to music or theatre events definitely attract Arians. They appreciate cool, trendy fashion accessories or handmade crafts.


  • Taurus: (Apr 19 - May 20)
    Tarot Card - The Hierophant:
    Taurus / Hierophant likes to show off a bit. In a turn of events your Taurus Lover will shower you with gifts, love and joy and compensate you for any recent faux pas. Be sweet to your Taurus, not critical. Accept anything he / she wants to do without voicing a word and you will make them very happy indeed. Taurus has been getting flak from a lot of people and will definitely appreciate someone who is just sweet and kind.

    Gift Ideas: Taurean males love chocolates & cosmetics. They love automobile stuff. Anything imported in this world makes them crazy. Taurean females are fond of perfumes, aroma oils, flowers, & of course imported silky dresses. She will appreciate you if you gift her a new car on this occasion. Basket of exotic fruits & vegetables; massage oils; big fluffy towels; organic sheets; dessert cookbooks are common likings for Taureans.
  • Gemini: (May 20 - Jun 21)
    Tarot Card - The Lovers:
    Gemini / Lovers like drinks and sharing gifts together. Your Gemini Lover might be interested in doing the town up with other like minded couples. While others might like to be alone on special days, Gemini might like the expensive gift you plan to give him / her to be shown off to close friends.

    Gift Ideas: Gemini males are blessed with excellent communication skills. Gift them the latest Mobile. They would also appreciate good collection of motivational books, quotes & spiritual stuff to read. Gemini females are also fond of mobiles & lovely messages - especially quotes from their partner. Make music compilation for each of their many moods. Soundtracks or "Best of" CDs, magazine subscription, walkie-talkies are good options as a gift. More than a gift, share valuable time with him / her & let them flow out all their feelings for you. If you are planning for a marriage, gifting her a Diamond ring is the best option for you.
  • Cancer: (Jun 21 - Jul 22)
    Tarot Card - Chariot:
    Cancerians / Chariot lovers can be pleased best by treating him / her like royalty. It would be heaven for this Sun Sign if you bought them a really tasteful, elegant gift and treated them to desert somewhere in an elegant restaurant. Their sweet teeth are going wild now days! Anyways, put them in the car, you drive and get them out of the house!

    Gift Ideas: Cancerian males believe in luck. Gift them lottery tickets, gift vouchers. They believe in Quality so gift them the best of gadgets. Any kind of household stuff like TV, Refrigerator, Microwave & Furnishing items are the first choice for Cancerian females. Think about a cozy night at home or in a familiar favorite restaurant. Write a heartfelt poem and frame it with a picture. It can be a beautiful heart shaped silver photo frame with the couple's photograph. Cakes, chocolates & flowers are cherries on the cake.

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