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Astrology-readings » Tarot-card » Depressed-090526
Stay Strong And Fight Negatives In Life

Divya Chugh Divya Chugh
A renowned tarot expert specializing in relationship issues. She excels in ''Compatibility Counseling''. She has immense experience relating with the problems of professionals, youth, students and families. She gives guidance to all kind of working professionals.

Hardship In Life

Question Umashankar asks,
I am a doctor. Born on 21/09/79. My mom's name is Meenakshi. Well, I feel like hitting a trough in life, unable to find the right kind of person to marry. In other words, it has become a real trouble to find an understanding and caring life partner. It would be great to know about my marriage prospects. Thank you.
Answer Dear Umashankar,

Your Virgo/High priestess soul is the main reason behind not getting right partner of your choice. Such souls are destined for delayed unions. According to tarot your Karmic path is designed in such a manner so that you can gain the maximum of learning & education before entering the marital life. No matter what you have achieved, there is always more to learn and much to do. While this may be a time of great learning and education, most of what you do will be on your own. Spending some time alone is what you need to move forward. Peace and quiet thought will help you understand what is most important to you. Don t worry, year 2009 august onward your marital issues will pop up & before July 2010 you will be married.

Advice: There is time for everything. Wear Gauri Shankar & two mukhi Rudrakshas together.


Looking For More...

Question Shivali asks,
My birth date is 27/04/1977 at 15.05 pm, Ambala Cantt near Haryana. I would like to know about my financial position and later my dream is to open a restaurant. Will my dream be successful or should I go for some other field where I can rise as a person and financially also and have a good status in family, which I lack now as nobody finds me a capable girl. I want to prove them wrong.
Answer Dear Shivali,

Being Taurian you are determined and Practical in nature. Money is always the first priority & you prefer to resist changes. Your magician Soul always provokes you to take best use of each & every opportunity offer but at the same time others are not that supportive to understand your inner potential. Don t worry it's only a matter of time. Your best time will start from October 2010. I would suggest you enter the field of event management or all branches of creative advertising. Hotel business is again a good one but not before 2013. Meanwhile new friends, new relationships, new ideas, new thoughts and new plans can motivate you to become a powerful optimist. So affirm: ''Today I am a new, dynamic, and optimistic futurist flooded with positive thoughts of successful self-healing.'' It is easy to program your subconscious to integrate your inner healing power into a self-healing force rather than expecting from others.

Advice: "Follow your honest convictions, and stay strong."

Will I Be Maritally Blessed?

Question Manisha asks,
I was born on 11 March 1979. I am looking out for marriage, but I am not getting any good proposals. My mother's name is Smita and Father's Chandrakant. I have never had any boyfriend. Will I get married in this year 2009? My place of birth was Amravati (Maharashtra) and time 8:46 pm.
Answer Dear Manisha,

All pieces are very imaginative and you love to just be alone with thoughts or your fantasy world. Sometimes you become so compassionate, get more concerned about someone else's problems rather than your own. I could read in your cards that you had sacrificed many good proposals because of this nature only. Now it's a high time to give importance to your own instincts. According to my analysis good time has already started from March 09 till January 2010. One simple solution of your problem is... Say Yes!

Advice: Anything you really want, you can attain, if you really go after it.

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