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The power of 3
Men in triple roles

DJ Bharat Danny Dudani is one of six brothers with the oldest Rajesh, then Anil, Naresh, Lalit, and the youngest Bharat. Three of the six are musically inclined in someway and have chosen a career path in the musical arts. Danny has worked at Prithvi and is a choreographer, screenplay writer, and dancer. Another three! DJ Bharat is a reputed DJ on the social scene, and brother Lalit is an entrepreneur owning a music store in Juhu. Brother Naresh has just given birth to his first child born on the second of March. There you have it one, two and three. Danny laughs and agrees, "The number three has been lucky, but numerologically I feel the number five is God's number found in Guru Nanak's teachings." In his life there have been significant threes - some important, some happy and others poignant, "I like someone, but she already likes someone else, but we are good friends." Three wishes yet to be fulfilled.

Binju AliLegendary Comedian Mehmood's nephew and famous singer Lucky Ali's cousin, Binju Ali, rounds out the threesome from this multi-faceted family of artistes. Binju is a talented musician, actor and composer acting in movies such as Goonj (1989- starring Kumar Guarav), and Bonny where he also contributed to writing the music for the soundtrack. His music video and CD is slated for release later in the year and he hopes to get into film and television production too. Happily married to Shehnaz, Binju, found number three was the charm. After a whirlwind rendezvous with first date - a model turned actress followed by an alliance with number two, Binju found compatability, love, and romance with Shehnaz with whom he has two children. "I think there is a certain age to get married, and a certain age to have children," agrees Binju, "but there is certainly no age to fall in love." Touche!

So if you're still searching? you may want to try wearing three charms, making three wishes, or throwing three coins in a fountain. Three cheers to number three!

Rohini Bhatia-Singh
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