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When the going gets tough - A viewpoint

Circumstances leading to suicide and suicide itself is as painful an event as it could be; for the victim, the loved ones & should be for the society as well. The later is more important because every 7 minutes or so a suicide is being committed on the Mother Earth. Each & every incidence is a bitter and shameful reminder that the society and system has failed to nurture and protect life and is continuing to do so. The article has given reference of beautiful & talented persons who got over-whelmed by the circumstances.

Suicide in general is limited to the so called human race. Rest of the species, including any form of animals and / or plants, which are innumerable in number, are wise enough not to participate in it. Their system to sustain, nurture and respect life, perhaps with love, contentment, tolerance, lack of wickedness etc., is not broken as yet.


Death by suicide in general is an act of despair. It is due to a state of extreme unresolvable violation and / or shattering of one's expectations and / or dreams and in the mind of the suicide victim so wrongfully inflicted on him / her. This results in overwhelming grief, pain, anger, worthlessness & depression in desperation with loss of all hopes. Remember "the hope sustains life"! All defences to deal and cope with a painful situation are broken, there is no light at the end of the tunnel and victim's own mind is in vortex of utter and bitter grief, anger and lack of logic and is sucked into black hole of despair. The society is perceived either as not of any help, unfriendly and or, on the contrary, an enemy adding fuel to the fire. In the victim's mind, it is the ultimate solution to end one's misery and / or to project anger and punishment to those who are perceived as contributors and uncommonly to save image/status of loved one's.

Places and avenues of education; particularly the home, and also the school, the college, the university, the work place and the society in general, all share the blame of not properly educating to respect, protect & nurture life.

Suicide is the end result of the ignored events of a catastrophic psychiatric emergency. Since suicide is mostly carried out successfully by the victim, therefore the main / core solution is in its prevention at all levels. Proper education for its early recognition at all levels including family, friends and co-workers & prompt help is the key for successful treatment. Love, kindness and respect for life is the driving force to do no harm, protect and nurture life. One should not intermingle, interpret and equate love with sex in such matters. A victim of suicide is mostly looking for a shoulder to rest his/her head on, a hug, a few words of kindness, reassurance and love and can find none. A heart and mind full of love does not act and or reflect any violence by thought, speech and or action.

Dr. Singh, California, USA
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