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Shaaditimers » Member-contribution » Misnomer-040301
Marriage is a misnomer

To be honest and straightforward this is what I feel and think about the institution of marriage:
I feel that marriage is a misnomer of 'companionship'. I really feel bad to mention this, but it is a truth; Most of the people (Educated illiterates) have degenerated the meaning of Marriage just to 'a legal satisfaction of the basic animal insticts'and nothing more than that. They have demolished the sacred house of marriage and built a house of apathy on the same place. According to me now a day, most of the couples live in "HOUSES" and not in "HOMES". I am damn sure that most of the people marry as they are unable to sustain the parental pressures & societal stigmatism or may be with curiosity of getting an entry in to an unknown world (in search of uncontrolled & unknown desires) which is frequently reminded and encouraged by the peers and unscrupulous relatives & false friends. And in particular for women, they land up in marriage in a vague search of true love and care or in quest of security &freedom and finally they land up in getting nothing or even they become victims of emotional blackmails from intellectual crooks!


If we sit alone and talk to our inner self then I am sure that, he/ she will realize that "MARRIAGE is a strong foundation built with FAITH, INTELLIGENCE, CONFIDENCE, TRUST, ADMIRATION, MUTUAL RESPECT, FREEDOM, SHARED RESPONSIBILITY, GREAT COMMITTMENT, LIFE TIME COMPANIONSHIP, ZERO PERCEPTUAL ERROR, VARIED INTERESTS & AIMS, ETHICS, TACTILITY, and an UNDYING SPIRIT OF LOVE & AFFECTION". Further I take this opportunity to say that I want to see the society free from usage of words, viz, 'Husband' and 'Wife'. And instead of that it should have eternal usage of terms such as 'Life partners' or 'a unique friendship between opposite genders'. I strongly agree with the following views of 2 great personalities:

"Those who deny freedom to others shall deserve it not for themselves"
-Abraham Lincoln
"I have regarded woman as the symbol of spirit of service & sacrifice. Men can never think of being equal to her in the spirit of selfless service" - M.K.Gandhi
Finally, I would like to share some thoughtful verses written by one of the great souls may be unknown to me or to this world;

All my dreams of cherishing you
As a balanced individual
Have gone down the drain
When you chose to die in my womb,
Oh, my unborn son!

You deprived me of the opportunity
To bring up a caring man
In this male chauvinist world!

Where men see their better halves
As objects of pleasure, I longed to train you
As a caring individual,
Who could appreciate the love and devotion
That energizes a wife,
To go to through the daily mundane chores
With a smile on her face.

You would have had a heart
To realize that women also cherish
Freedom and carefree life,
But are ready to chain themselves,
Go through the pangs of childbirth,
More follows,
And the rigorous duty of bringing them up,
For the love of doing them for their sweethearts!

You wouldn't have ventured
Into new pastures, claiming 'men were born
Polygamous, even down the centuries'
'Cos you would have had a soul
To sense how it could devastate your beloved,
And make her die a thousand deaths!
When girls are trained from childhood
How to devote their lives to husbands,
And boys are taught
To see their counterparts
As human beings with emotions,
I wanted to bring a small change,
Alas, that was not destined to be!

Oh, my unborn son, why did you choose?
To die in my womb?

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B. M. Santosh
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