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Flow chart of Life

A successful communication is very necessary when using any matrimonial services for better outcome. The Internet communication for matrimonial service is the most recent method used for those who are not able to find a match in their social circumstances. Most of the people start communicating from non-moral values or valuable things in a material sense and tell more about social standing of a person putting away the inborn instincts present in one self of law of natural selection. If it is taken step by step the conscious and unconscious motives of a person are satisfied more often rather than jumping to conclusions that are often wrong. This communication has five stages.


Stage I: The appearance and the ideology
Send each other pictures or see each other and exchange personal ideas and values about life and personal liking and disliking. Because it's from and about the face, which tells a lot about what a person is. Facial features attractive to other also counts but again this is instinctual. The idea of being beautiful is every person's own perception. For some one a normal look is the most beautiful look for other it might be ugly look. If not appealing, apologise politely Start a new search. If accepted go to stage II.

Stage II: The Bread wining stage
Consider socio economic factors of your partner, which are very necessary because trust building is always wrecked due to these factors. Where one stands socially should be disclosed truthfully. This is the most critical stage here in developing countries. Most of the people present an exaggerated view of their social class or give false promising future which brings frustration later in life. If not appealing apologise politely Start a new search. If accepted go to stage III.

Stage III: The Hidden truth
Telling each other if any thing's personal, one thinks his / her life partner should know before marriage. If unable to digest, apologise politely Start a new search. If accepted go to stage IV.

Stage IV: The Environment
Involving parents and telling each other about each other's family and where they live and what they do because it also gives the idea about social standing of the person and the mental development of the person in that social class. We always try to build relationships saying magic words like love, friendship, trust, forgiveness; but end up in social standing of other person as there is no criteria for assessing the moral and emotional values of a person until or unless he or she acts in a specific situation which usually occurs after marriage when it is too late, one unconsciously ends up in social standing of a person which can be judged on a social scale prevailing in a society. If not apologise politely. Start a new search. If accepted go to stage V.

Stage V: The Destiny
"Will you marry me?"... often said by the male counterpart.

This is a flow chart of life. If you like this flow chart start with stage I. Don't jump to latter stages earlier, but remember, all stages have only one thing in common - to work it out.
"The Truth"
A wise person must be able to read between the lines.

Feedback by Mamoon Akbar Qureshi (Maq)
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