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Dance With Me

The table lamp missed Rahul's head by inches. He had ducked at the right moment, a skill he had perfected during his college boxing days. Alisha was at her temperamental worst and was throwing tantrums, among other things.

"What was that sound?" little Samir asked his sister Riya, who was busy chatting with 'CyberBum' on the net.

"Ignore it Samy, just do your assignment. Its only Mom and Dad; they are fighting again." Riya was busy sending her scanned picture to her net friend. The 'Jpeg' was appropriately modified to highlight her good features (physically that is) and mask her not so good ones (lots of work here!).


The beginning:
Rahul and Alisha were fighting like children. She grabbed anything that came in her way and hurled it at her husband, who was exercising his reflexes; he had no choice actually. It all began at the party that was thrown by the Saxenas'; at the Inter Con. All of Alisha's friends (along with their husbands) were present at the party. Frankly, she hated Mrs. Saxena and the feeling was mutual with the latter. Being the leader of the pack, Alisha quickly blended with her friends and had a ball.

"How dare you insult me like that? You could have asked me again", Alisha yelled at Rahul. Her mother-in-law's framed picture was the next candidate. She grabbed it from the table and threw it at him.

"Stop it you crazy woman, that's a costly frame." He wasn't bothered about the picture though. "What do you mean I insulted you? You acted like I didn't even exist, so that you could impress your cosmetically enhanced friends. You wanted to show them that you had a henpecked husband. Well well well, do you have any idea how I felt when you refused to dance with me? You had a pain in the neck. Reaaaally. That's exactly what you are.... a big pain in the neck, no, a pain in the ass"

Dance like a man
"You asked me for the dance? But pardon me. You were ordering around like I was your maid or something. Creep! And how dare you ask that fat, ugly, self-centric, egomaniac to dance with you. You know how much I hate Mamta (Mrs.Saxena)."Alisha tried to lift the mahogany chair. It was too heavy. "She gave me the shrewdest of smiles. Conquest was written all over her face. I was crushed before my friends. How can I ever face them now? All because of you. You could have asked me again when I first said no." She let go off the chair. The pillow was a lot easier.

"I should have asked you again? Whoa! That's great. Who do you think I am? Why do you think I asked Mamta to dance with me? And guess what.... unlike your two left feet, she is a very good dancer."

"Really, then why did you come back? You could have danced with her all night long. You make a perfect couple- Mr. and Mrs. Creep!" Alisha noticed the Christian Dior bottle on the dressing table.

"Don't you call me a creep again! Given a chance I will gladly dump you for that woman", Rahul blurted.

"Like hell you would", Alisha replied. She threw the Christian Dior at him. This time Rahul's reflexes didn't help him. The bottle struck his chin and he started to bleed immediately. The sight of her husband bleeding suddenly shocked Alisha. She was petrified. Her anger gave way to guilt and despair.

"Oh my God, Rahul. I'm so sorry; I didn't mean to..........She ran towards him. He now sat on the bed, his chin in his hands. "Goddamn", he uttered. "Get me a towel and band aids, Ali." She fetched them both and started to nurse him.

" Darling, I'm so sorry. Please forgive me. It was my entire fault. I shouldn't have acted like I did.............

"No sweetheart, the fault was all mine. I acted rude and................

"No it wasn't ...................................................................

"Hey Riya, there aren't any noises in the bedroom now. Do you think Mom and Dad killed each other?" Samir queried.

"They must have patched up and for God sake from where did you get such an idea." Riya was glued to the screen.

" I saw something like that on CNN."

" Go to sleep Samy!"

The perfect couple
An hour later Rahul and Alisha came out of their bedroom. They were dressed up and looked like a lovely couple. Rahul had a band-aid on his chin. They were giggling and held each like they were going out for the first time since falling in love.

They entered the children's' room. Riya was seated in front of the computer while Samir was fast asleep. "Honey, I and daddy are going out".

"Don't stay up late, O.K.", Rahul added. He walked over to little Samir's bed. He was sleeping in a foetal position, a picture of innocence. Rahul kissed him on his forehead and covered him with a blanket.

Everything was back to normal; except for Riya. She was really pissed off. "CyberBum" just checked out of the room.

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