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Mumbai - Don't Bounce Back!
Mumbai - Don't Bounce Back!
60 hours of terror, 195+ dead, countless injured, a billion hostages. Let?s fight against terrorism.
Stand Up For Child Rights
Stand Up For Child Rights - Show your support...
10,000 children die every single day in India. More than in any tsunami, flood, earthquake, famine or war. Come forth and support a cause - stand up for what is right.
Marriage is a misnomer
Marriage is a misnomer
Women land up in marriage in a vague search of true love and care and finally they land up in getting nothing or even they become victims of emotional blackmails from intellectual crooks!
When the going gets tough - A viewpoint
When the going gets tough - A viewpoint
Suicide is an act of despair. It happens due to a state of extreme unresolvable violation in the mind of the victim.
Reader responses
Reader responses
''Your features are brilliant and the only ones I read via the Internet. Being single by choice I enjoy all the relationship features and topics on India.''
A broken heart
A broken heart
Broken heart in a relationship is very hard and very fatal for those who have a very sensitive nature. Have you noticed hundreds of people committing suicide every year because of heartbreak?
Against my will - A viewpoint
Against my will - A viewpoint
Unfortunately, our men seem to have socially and psychologically not kept pace with us; they seem caught in a time warp that makes their behaviour brutal and unacceptable.
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Flow chart of Life
Flow chart of Life
In online matrimonial services, most of the people start communicating from non-moral values or valuable things in a material sense.
Visions of truth
Visions of truth
One of my New Year's resolution is to stop lying too, even though EVERYONE does. As long as the lie is not so bad, right?
Pressurized marriages are bad and will not work?
Pressurized marriages are bad and will not work?
There are some inevitable facts we all hear now-a-days - Arranged marriages are more successful than otherwise, Divorced rate among Indian community including in India and abroad is increasing...
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