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Found 51 article(s) by author:  Fatema Kagalwala
Sandhya Mridul Livewire lady - Sandhya Mridul
The media so painstakingly builds images and there are people who spend a lot of time making them as well but each time the media makes one for me I will break it.
Jugal Hansraj The heart of the matter
''The basis on which any marriage depends is friendship. Your partner has to be your friend.''
Rohit Roy Marriage saga
Rohit Roy on everything about marriage. The chocolate-faced boy of the silver screen who continues to steal hearts even today, gives his take on love and relationships.
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Matrimony mosaic Common customs across religions
Here are three cultures and three similar aspects that are significant to them.
Hitched on the holiday! Hitched on the holiday!
No wonders then that under-the-mandap, in-the-aangan, or marriages in rented halls are fast being taken over by weddings at exotic locales.
Yours and Mine. So what's ours? Yours and Mine. So what's ours?
Do pre nups signal the end of trust? One might think that a pre-nup is a fancy myth thrown about by the media with which the general public does not identify.
Relationships in crossover films Relationships in crossover films
mindsets of societies. Against this background the new crop of niche or multiplex films are beginning to show reality the way it is.
Classic or contemporary? Create your own jewellery style
The talk of the season for bridal jewellery is the ethnic and elegant kundan that embellishes the bridal to look like the queen that she is on the day.
Clutch them for eternity - Bags by Meera Mahadevia Clutch them for eternity
The bags made of rich fabrics ranging from silks to jutes including tanchoi, tussar and brocade, bespeak a deft artistry and an innate sense of unifying rhythm in all its personas.
Take my hand - Part II Take my hand - Part II
Tapas and Sari were walking down a quiet lane with an ice-cream in hand. They'd had an enjoyable evening, red roses, balloons, chocolate cakes et al.
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