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Found 31 article(s) by author:  Dr. Sonal and Apoorva Shah
Right hair right now - Check out the guide to healthy hair Right hair right now
Your hair is a reflection of your health and personality. If taken care of you can have a great crowning glory. Here are some basic hair problems and few tips to banish a bad hair day.
Hair barometer - Get rid of all your bad hair days Hair barometer
There is no denying that hair has become one of our most powerful accessories, an important part of our social appearance, affecting the way we view ourselves, and the way others view us.
Water woes and hair Water woes and hair
Researchers found that you need not blame bad hair days on your genes or even on your shampoo or conditioner, because the cause of your hair and scalp problem may be coming out of the faucet.
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Exploding 6 common hair myths Exploding 6 common hair myths
A lot of women have learned about their hair from their mothers and grandmothers down the ages. Here are a few common beliefs that need to be considered.
5 ways to cozy up to your hair 5 ways to cozy up to your hair
During winter most of us tend to pay attention to our skin in winter, what about our hair? Tips to keep your hair in shape in the winter.
Get in tune with your hair Get in tune with your hair
Most people take their hair for granted, especially men. However, its only when they start to lose it, do they realize what a crippling blow it is, how much a part of their personality it is.
Anemia and hair loss Anemia and hair loss
If a person complains of hair loss at an alarming rate, feels tired and breathless, has lost weight rapidly and has an unusually pale appearance, anemia could be the culprit.
Is 21st century too hard on your hair? Is 21st century too hard on your hair?
If you notice that your hair is falling more than ever, that a bunch of strands come off in your hand every morning; blame it on the fact that you were born in the 21st century.
Goldi Locks - Understanding the risks of hair fashion Goldi Locks
Before you decide to change your hair colour, straighten it or curl it! While changing your looks every now and then might sound like fun, it is a torture for your hair.
Hair care for different hair types Hair care for different hair types
A commonly asked question is How do I know what my hair type is? This article will attempt to answer some basic hair questions.
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