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Found 18 article(s) by author:  Noorussubha Khan
Gautam Kapoor Gautam Kapoor
Gautam has been a rare face in fashion world but this handsome hunk has a great feature and to top it up an impressive body that makes girls go crazy about him.
Aishwarya and Abhishek The Abhi-Ash wedding saga
Horoscopes were matched and unmatched, but the sooner they get married the better, advised the priest. So, here is the much talk about couple of the season.
Deepshikha Deepshikha: I live a juggler's life
Take life the way it comes. Be natural.
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Mickey Mehta Meet the health & spiritual guru, Mickey Mehta
"Health is not about calories, it's all about balance wellness that harmonises your bio-clock," says the fitness guru Mickey Mehta. Read more to know his fitness mantra...
Sonali Kulkarni 'Jealousy is healthy in love'
Jealousy is a part of us; it is healthy and helps to gauge our feelings. If you find yourself becoming jealous, than that is when you are in love and can understand your emotions better.
Amrapali Gupta For Amrapali, ''love is more powerful than lust.''
One must learn to control emotions. It is for each one of us to see that the evil within us doesn't overtake the good.
Prachee Shah and Vishwas Pandya Our relationship is transparent, clear & candid
Love and understanding in a relationship are equally important along with trust and respect to keep the vehicle of the relationship running smoothly on the track of life.
Say I-care To Eye care Say I-care To Eye care
Many a poet describes the eyes as the windows to our souls. Here are tips and tricks to ensure your eyes stay beautiful forever.
The Pride of India The Pride of India
A quick look back at history reveals the many leaders who lay down their lives for a Free India. Shaadititmes salutes all those who fought for a better India.
Rucha Gujrathi In Black And White With Rucha Gujrathi
She is afraid of lizards and darkness like any other girl but dreams of making it big in Bollywood someday. Read on to find out more about Rucha Gujrathi.
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