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Lessons From The KS Part 7
Men - That Women Love (Part II)
Men - That Women Love (Part II) You've tried hard to catch her eye, and get her interested in you. Or perhaps to rekindle her seemingly dead desire. But nothing seems to work. Well - read on and see where you fit in, in this roll call of sorts, of all the kind of men that women love...

So - according to the Kama Sutra, what kind of men are successful with women?


We continue our listing of men that women love from last week:

A man who does what the woman likes: Well - of course, women love men who do their bidding. Some men think twice before doing what a woman wants. If that's you - forget her. Every woman has an innate intuition that helps her instantly pick up hesitation - and turn away. When it comes to doing as the lady pleases, women like impetuous men who just do it!

A man who carries out her commands: You know what they say about women being on top? This applies more than ever nowadays, as women shoulder as many (if not more) responsibilities as men. Now put yourself (momentarily) in a woman's shoes and try and reckon how she'd feel if a man gave her that position by default - do you get the drift? In short, women love being given importance.

A man who is sought after by high-class women: There are women and women, as they say, so you need all kinds of men to appeal to a somewhat diverse set of senses. When it comes to high-class, high-class is as high-class does - read dresses and lives. Simply speaking, society ladies go for arm candy, or dapper men about town, who increase their own appeal - much as sought after frills add value to vintage dresses!

A generous man who loves picnics and theatrical plays: Culture - it draws as nothing else, especially when it comes packaged with a man who is affluent enough to patronize it. Technology and science are a no-no. Women love the softer side of life - spending time out on pristine sands, in the woods, or at the theatre. Keep those Saturdays and Sundays free to woo your ladylove with some fine wining and dining.

A brave man: Every woman loves a man who is brave, not only in the sense of shielding or rescuing her from unsavoury social elements, but also who stands up for his principles against the odds.

So all you men out there - go and show women you have what it takes to grab eyeballs, starting with hers!

P.S. What does it take to give men what they want - coming up next week.

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