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Lessons From The Kama Sutra: Kissing Part 1

Lessons From The Kama Sutra: Kissing Part 1 Hailed as the epitome of erotica, the Kama Sutra is also a treatise on courting, behaviour with the opposite sex and financial decisions related to relationships.

Of course, its primary pull lies in its presentation of what many believe are more sexual positions than the average men and women know about (or practice!) during their life. However, in this case, judging a book by its cover may be extremely perilous.


Starting this week, Shaaditimes takes a peek into the pages of the Kama Sutra and presents excerpts from Vatsyayana's much talked about book of love.

Passion Play Starts With A Kiss

According to Vatsyayana, there are many ways and methods of kissing and kissable body locations. But one relevant takeaway from his guidance is the need to realize that not all these methods are for all the people. Sound words indeed - for there will be some readers who feel squeamish at the mere thought of being kissed on their armpits!

For this reason, the Kama Sutra says:

Respond to an action with a counter-action,
to a blow with a counter-blow,
and by this same logic,
to a kiss with a counter-kiss.

The logic of this might come naturally to some. Suppose you're out on an early date, and your partner brushes your cheek before retiring for the night. Responding to this by grabbing her (or him) for a forced liplock would be so out of place. In other words, give back what you get, then withdraw - that keeps alive the playfulness of the situation.

Unless of course, you are sure of your partners' amorous, adventurous nature, in which case you can take more liberties if you receive a suggestive kiss. For instance, a ‘knowing' man may decide to simultaneously kiss both your upper and lower lips in return.

According to Vatsyayana, this is a one-way kiss meaning only a man can do this - unless a woman is involved with a boy who has yet to sprout a beard - as hair would mitigate the pleasure. So ladies - keep that upper lip clean!

A strong aspect that comes through in the Kama Sutra is to use physical activity - whether kissing or sex - to your advantage to remedy a difficult situation or stalemate in your relationship. So Vatsyayana speaks of a stirring kiss, ideally used to arouse a man who is inattentive, quarrelsome, looking in another direction or inclined to sleep (or we could add - engrossed in a game of cricket).

In other words, ladies (and gentlemen) assume a proactive role in your relation. Don't moan and groan at the lack of passion - kindle a fire by making the first move.

Next week - we'll talk more on kissing from the Kama Sutra to help you get whip up a storm. Be sure to subscribe to the Shaaditimes newsletter to get your issue.

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Charu Bahri
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