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Perfect 10 For A Good Marriage Part II - Respect

Respect yourself

But what if you're the one always expected to always make sacrifices? A partner taken for granted, is a partner ignored and worse devalued. Don't suffer in silence, or by throwing occasional tantrums. Instead, try to get a grip on your feelings towards yourself.

Do you respect yourself? For instance, a lot may be said about women who choose to live as homemakers but who don't respect their own preference. Respect starts within. If you don't value who you are, and who you choose to be, it's likely you will not assert your right to be respected. Then why blame your partner if he takes advantage of you?


What goes around comes around

Do You and Your partner understand that where respect is concerned, what goes around comes around? Ignore your partner, and risk no longer commanding respect yourself. In the same vein, if you accept disrespect from your partner continuously, you will eventually find yourself disrespecting him or her too.

And in some worse cases, this attitude of disrespect will be passed on to the children in the family. This scenario eventually snowballs into a marital crisis, best avoided.

It's your choice-think about it.

P.S - Can you respect someone you've just met - when you start out with a clean slate? Or does respect have to be 'honestly' earned? More on 'honesty' next week.

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