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Myths And Facts About Self Pleasure

Myths And Facts About Self Pleasure One of the most common sexual practices in the world is that of self pleasure or masturbation. In spite of it being very prevalent across the globe there is still too much misinformation regarding this topic. So, if you too have been raised believing that masturbation is 'bad' for you and are unsure about what is fact or fiction, do read on to find out the truth once and for all!


Common Myths About Self Pleasure

MYTH: Too much masturbation can cause the size of the penis to shrink.
FACT: First of all, there is no such thing as too much masturbation. It is a perfectly natural sexual practice and can be indulged in as often as the 'need' arises. And more importantly, medical experts say that self pleasure can in no way cause a man's penis to shrink!

MYTH: Self pleasure can make a man infertile.
FACT: A lot of people believe that men have a fixed quota of sperm in their bodies, which will get used up if they indulge themselves too often. However, the male body does not produce a fixed amount of sperm that gets 'wasted' every time a man ejaculates. Sperm production begins with sexual maturity and declines with old age or certain medical conditions; never due to excessive masturbation.

MYTH: Only men engage in self pleasure.
FACT: This again is a common myth. Surveys do suggest that men masturbate more often than women, but the practice is definitely not restricted to men alone. In fact, by the age of 18, about 80% of males and 55% of females have indulged in self pleasure at least once.

MYTH: Self pleasure impacts your health negatively.
FACT: All kinds of health problems such as increased acne, hair growth, impotence, insanity, and even blindness have been attributed to excessive masturbation. But there is no medical evidence to suggest that self pleasure can cause any ill effects to health, especially those listed here. In fact, experts suggest that this can be quite a healthy sexual practice as it allows you to get rid of sexual frustration and physical stress. It also enables you to discover your sexual preferences, which in turn can lead to healthier and more enjoyable partnered sex.

MYTH: Masturbation leads to decreased interest in partnered sex.
FACT: This is one myth that cannot entirely be called a myth. While it is true that masturbation can improve sexual relations with a partner, it is also true that self pleasure can decrease interest in partnered sex. This usually happens when a person reaches sexual satisfaction due to masturbation and thus does not feel the need for partnered sex. If you're single this should not be a problem for you. But if you're in a relationship and your desire for partnered sex is diminishing, you may want to evaluate whether masturbation is the cause for it.

MYTH: Those who are married or in a committed relationship do not indulge in self pleasure.
FACT: Even married people and those in committed relationships do engage in self pleasure. However, since most people think they should not do so while in a relationship, they often tend to hide it from their partners. Is self pleasure in a relationship right or wrong? Read this discussion and be the judge of that!

The conclusion is relatively quite a straightforward one. Self pleasure does not make you a 'bad' man or woman; it will not affect your health; it won't make you pregnant, and it will not make you sterile. I guess you can say that self pleasure is one of those things that is normal to do and normal not to as well!

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Ruchi Agarwal
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