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Walk - The permanent impression

Dr. Tushar Guha Dr. Tushar Guha
Is the Founder Managing Director of Nrityanjali - the Institute of Performing Arts, Education, Personality Development and Management Services. He is also a practicing Psychologist, Counsellor, Educationist & Corporate Trainer. Have a question? Click here...

Any person is effective through his / her communication skills. Communication involves listening, speaking, gestures and expressions. The importance of body language in effective communication is being felt increasingly. Body language includes expressions, hand and body movements, gestures, posture, walk, poise and grace of the individual.

Of all the components of body language, the walk has received the least acknowledgement. The walk is taken for granted, because, it is as natural to human beings as speaking, hearing, eating. With change of time, a new awareness is growing in every sphere - skills of speaking and hearing have been taken care of, so are etiquette and manners. Walking skills, however, remained limited to a particular section of people with a preferential profession like the models. It is precisely for this reason (the style of walk for models) that the walk has not been taken seriously by people at large.


The walk reflects and carries with it style, grace, poise and confidence. We will deal in the Art of Walking through two areas. Why the art of walking is important and the right way to walk.

Why the art of walking is important:
In body language - The body is divided into two parts - upper and lower. The upper part includes the head, eyes, mouth, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, fingers and the chest. The lower part includes the waist, thighs, calves, feet, and toes. Any movement and gesture, if rhythmic reflect style. Hand, shoulder, neck, eyes are usually used as gestures while in conversation. Such gestures are effective, if used during conversation in sitting posture across the table. However, when conversation takes place in drawing room situations or in standing position, then the rhythm of the lower part of the body assumes importance. The rhythmic movements of the leg and the feet (not tapping them but shifting from time to time), not only provides comfort but oozes style.

The most important of the lower part are the legs and the feet. The total impact and effect or the presence of an individual is felt when he is on his feet. The movements of the legs need to be rhythmic and that is where walking comes into the picture. The art of walking will instill rhythm, grace and poise. Confidence will be the end result as there will be a feel good factor within self.

Walking is considered as one of the factors for selection at interviews for positions that matter. The style and body rhythm reflect sophistication, aesthetics and create a good feeling around. Most importantly, it creates a very good and long lasting impression.

In every sphere of life, creating an impression is key to your success, be it profession, family or relationship. Who does not like to be in good and polished company? And naturally such people are appreciated. Another why about this aspect is- such appreciation, gradually sinks into a person and self-improvement becomes a continuous process. You are continuously but naturally growing towards being more polished, more aesthetic, more sophisticated. This is not true for the outside of the person only. The inside also blooms to become beautiful.

In any relationship, one always desires to be with a decent, balanced person where one can share with equal respect, the thoughts, feelings and opinions.

Going backwards therefore, from communication to body language, to lower part of the body, to legs and feet and finally to the art of walking, it now takes us to the other area The Right Way to Walk.

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