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Protein Diet For Hair Loss

Dr. Rekha Dr. Rekha
A Certified Trichologist from International Association of Trichologists (IAT), Australia Dr.Rekha is a renowned hair-loss specialist. She treats clients with all types of Hair And Scalp conditions.

Deeper Clinical Investigations

Question Usha asks,
I'm 20 yrs old. I'm facing hair fall for the past 2yrs. The volume and the shine of my hair has reduced. I've consulted many doctors regarding the same and took zinc and vitamin supplements also. My hair is thinning and I have lost a lot of hair in the front of my scalp. Shampooing often leads to more hair fall, even oiling! I've dandruff as well. How can I come out of this and have healthy hair? Please suggest me some home-remedies?
Answer Dear Usha,

You need deeper investigatons. You need to be seen by a Trichologist to evaluate your case to find out the exact reason of your problem. Frontal hair loss could be associated with hormonal imbalance.


Protein Supplement

Question Swapna asks,
I'm 25 yrs old. My hair roots are very weak and I'm loosing hair tremendously. My hair doesn't grow properly. What can I do for my hair to prevent hair loss?
Answer Dear Swapna,

Is your hair loss diffused or more from a particular region of a scalp? If it is diffused take some nutritional supplements containing iron, zinc, silica etc and have a protein rich diet like fat free paneer, soyabean, chicken, egg and fish.

Receding Hairline

Question Rajesh asks,
My hair is quite thin and whenever I apply oil to massage it, it falls in a big quantity. I am just 19!
Answer Dear Rajesh,

You need to be careful. Please check if the volume is getting thinner from the top or if you are experiencing any receding hairline. If this is so then do not waste time and start the treatment early with an expert's advice. A lot of follicles can be re-grown and further progress of the problem can be controlled.

Multivitamin Supplements

Question Dipika asks,
I just want to know why my hair is falling? I've done blood tests and it has shown that I don't have any medical condition that is causing this loss of my hair. When I put my hand through my hair a handful of hair just comes off. My hair is quarter the quantity it was two years ago & it just keeps on falling. Also when I wash & dry my hair the whole bathtub gets covered with hair.
Answer Dear Dipika,

Have you got a female hormonal profile and Thyroid tests done? Now a day's female experiencing the hair loss has risen. Please take some iron, zinc and multivitamin supplements and if your problem does not resolve in 3-4 months then seek professional help.

Illness Leads To Hair Loss

Question Janak asks,
I have very thin and silky hair but from last 5 months I am facing hair fall problem. I used many shampoos but they didn't control the problem so I eagerly request you to give me some tips to solve my hair fall problem. I am now 18 years old. I will be grateful if you help me.
Answer Dear Janak,

Hair loss could be due to many reasons. Any illness in the body can give rise to hair loss. Take some multinutrients and protein supplements and if the problem does not reduce in 3-4 months time then meet a Trichologist for proper investigation.

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