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Health » Fitness-ideas » Fat-080908
5 Hidden Reasons You're Becoming Fat
5 Hidden Reasons You’re Becoming Fat You climb on to the weighing scale and are shocked to see that you've put on a few kilos from the last time you weighed yourself - again! The first thing you're most likely going to do (other than cursing the stupid scale!) is to swear off all kinds of fatty foods such as pizzas, chocolates and soft drinks and promise to start a regular exercise regime.

Yes, if you are taking in a lot more calories by eating fatty foods than you are burning through exercise, there is no question that you will put on weight. But for many people, their weight keeps increasing even if they exercise regularly and keep a strict eye on what they eat. In such a situation, watching the weighing scale needle on its regular upward course can be extremely maddening and frustrating.

Since the usual suspects such as food and lack of exercise are not to be blamed here, what can be the reason for this weight gain?


There can be various reasons for your weight gain, which have nothing to do with food or working out. Check out some of these hidden weight gainers that could be the culprits in your case.

Reason 1: Burning The Midnight Oil
Getting fewer than 8 hours of sleep every night won't just leave you tired and sleepy, but can also make you pack on the pounds! Yes, lack of sleep adds stress on your body, which interferes with its digestive functioning. Biochemically also, lack of sleep can make your body much more efficient at storing fat, thus making you put on weight. And the longer you stay up, the more likely you are to snack in the night. So, try and sleep for 8 hours every night; or as much as your body needs.

Reason 2: Medical Problems
Most of us don't even consider the possibility that a medical condition could be the cause behind our weight gain. One such condition is called hypothyroid in which the thyroid gland does not function optimally and results in quick weight gain. Not just that, but a sluggish thyroid will also interfere with weight loss thus rendering your workouts futile. Other medical conditions that can cause weight gain are Cushing's syndrome (excess cortisol in the body), polycystic ovarian disorder (PCOD) in women, and hormonal imbalances.

Reason 3: Water Retention
If you have any heart problems, or your liver and kidney are not working optimally, you may be retaining more water in your body than you should. In this case, you will notice puffiness and swelling in your body and will also put on considerable weight. Treating the underlying disease will help you to lose weight too. And since your weight is due to excess water and not excess fat, it will be much easier to lose.

Reason 4: Food Allergies Or Sensitivities
Many people are allergic to various foods such as milk, eggs, nuts, shell fish and even wheat! Eating such foods can cause rashes on their body as well as swelling. Due to these symptoms, food allergies are easy to diagnose. However, sometimes you can be sensitive to a certain food but the lack of any obvious symptoms will keep you from identifying it. These foods can also cause weight gain, which is mainly due to release of hormones. Thus, if you have chronic digestive problems, flatulence, heart burn, or acidity, you may have food sensitivity and should get it checked.

Reason 5: Menopause
This one's strictly for the ladies. If you're going through menopause and have started to notice extra weight around your midsection, it could be related to menopause. At this time, the levels of the hormone estrogen decrease, which in turn causes the extra fat around your waist and abdomen. The only way to get rid of your meno-belly is to eat food that is rich in calcium and increase your lean mass through strength training.
Ruchi Agarwal
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