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Say I-care To Eye care

Visual percept Eye Care
Many poets describe the eyes as the windows to our souls. And yet, most of us tend to neglect the health of our eyes and take them for granted until the day things start getting blurry - literally!

Eye Problems
Poor eyesight is the result of growing pollution, a hectic and strenuous lifestyle, bad reading habits and increasing amount of time spent in front of the TV and the computers. Some vision problems are hereditary and cannot be completely avoided. One just needs to take proper care and medical intervention whenever necessary.


Eye Health
No type of food has any kind of ill effect on one's eyes. So contrary to popular belief, a proper healthy diet can't restore eyesight that is already lost. However, it can definitely slow down the process of eye-related disease or prevent the onset of one.

Vitamins C, A and E, folic acid, selenium and zinc are definitely beneficial for the health of your eyes.

Eye Exercises
These eye exercises are especially beneficial when the eyes are strained by a busy work schedule.
  • Keep your head relaxed. Slowly move your eyeballs from left to right, focusing till the extremes. Move the eyeballs from side to side 10 times.
  • Move your eyeballs from top to bottom and focus on the highest as well as lowest point, without moving your head. Do this 10 times.
  • Move your eyes in clockwise direction, rotating to the extremes. Next move the eyes in an anti- clockwise direction. Do this at least 3 times.
  • Keep your head straight. Now look upwards, focusing both your eyeballs to the upper right corner. Next, look at the bottom left corner. Reverse of these actions and repeat 3 times.
  • Cover both your eyes with centre of your palm gently. Avoid pressing the eyeball. Perform this after continuously glancing the television and computer.
  • Hold your index finger at a distance from your eye. Keep your eye focused on the index finger and move the index finger slowly from one corner to the other corner. Simultaneously rotate your eyeball in the same direction of your index finger. Do this 5 times.

Do's and don'ts
  • Read your material from a distance.
  • Don't read while travelling specially sitting near the window, as the breeze tends to strain your eyes more. The motion of the car will also put strain on your eyes so avoid it.
  • Don't read while lying down.
  • Dim light is the enemy of your eyes. Read with the light coming from behind you.
  • Splash water gently on your eyes. This helps relieve eye fatigue and freshens up the eyes. A rose-water eye bath is a fantastic rejuvenator.
  • Don't sit too close to the television screen.
  • Watching television in a darkened room is also harmful for the eyes.
  • Use sunglasses when out in the sun to protect your eyes from harmful UV radiation. Opt for dark tinted glasses so that they block out at least 98% of the radiation.

While working on a computer
  • Blink frequently and take a 2-3 sec break in an hour.
  • Use anti glare screens on the monitor.

Noorussubha Khan
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