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Dark Circles Can Be Hereditary

Dr. Jamuna Pai Dr. Jamuna Pai
Leading cosmetologist who runs her own cosmetic clinics in Mumbai.

Lightening Creams

Question Abby asks,
I am a 16 years old, dark complexion female and I would like to know how to get rid of spots from my face. I know it's because of my teenage-hood that I have oily skin but some spots are clearing up. The marks are still very evident as I would sometimes pick them and now I have dark marks from that. You mentioned that citrus fruits tend to clear this up. Do you think that will be appropriate for me? Considering my age and skin colour?
Answer Dear Abby,

Citrus fruits are a rich source of Vitamin C, which has a lightening property. Since they are natural sources it can be used in any age group after the age of 12.


Dermal Melasma

Question Rani asks,
I have Dermal Melasma. I have heard that multani mitti  helps to reduce it. Also I have heard that liquorice with grape seed is effective but tired of everything and don't want to try something new. I have tried various preparations containing Kojic acid, Arbutin, Mandalic and Malic acid but all in vain.
Answer Dear Rani,

Melasma is attributed due to hormonal changes, stress and hence unfortunately does not go 100%. We can help in lightening to a certain extent. There are varieties of peels like glycolic acid and fruit acid peel. 4-6 sittings are required at an interval of 4-6 weeks to get the desired results. You can use mixture of creams containing Azelaic acid, Kojic acid and Vitamin C at night. Also oral supplements of Antioxidant, Iron and Vitamin C will help in lightening to a certain extent.

Hair Growth

Question Anjaly asks,
I have excessive hair growth on my chin and on my face. How can I get rid of it permanently? Which is a better option. Electrolysis or laser hair removal?
Answer Dear Anjaly,

Laser hair removal with "Light Sheer Diode" is the best option. Thicker the hair, better the results. 4-6 sittings are required at an interval of 4-6 weeks to get the desired results. It is the most safest, permanent and effective method of hair removal.

Dark Skin

Question Gery asks,
The area around my mouth especially the corners is dark, so also are my underarms and my inner thighs are almost black. Is this due to pigmentation? Would appreciate knowing if there is any safe and permanent cure with no side effects.
Answer Dear Gery,

The area around the mouth, underarms tends to be more dark especially in case of hormonal changes Frictional areas like thighs tends to be more pigmented or darker and hence unfortunately don't respond well to skin lightening creams. Using dusting powder during the day will help. If you are over-weight, reducing weight will help. It can be lightened to a certain extent. Creams containing Vitamin-C, Kojic acid and Hydroquinone when applied at night will also help in lightening to a great extent. Prepare a scrub of milk cream, lemon juice and sugar and scrub the dark areas with this twice a week. It lifts the tan, takes off the dead skin cells. Bleaching once a month would also help.

Anaemia Can Cause Dark Circles

Question Ramya asks,
I have oily skin and terrible dark circles under my eyes. And few brown spots. Can you please suggest me few remedies or cream, which will be effective for this? Can I use Kojivit gel and Glco-6 cream together to lighten my skin and dark circles as well? Can you please suggest a product which has Vitamin C, Kojic acid and Hydroquinone in it as I couldn't find one by myself?
Answer Dear Ramya,

Dark circles are a result of numerous reasons, the most prominent being hereditary. If someone in the family has it, it is difficult to fight. Other conditions that add up are Anaemia (a low haemoglobin count), inadequate sleep, excessive exhaustion, dehydration, and eye allergies resulting in constant rubbing of the eyes. If you can identify the problem, please correct it, see that you have enough rest and drink plenty of fluids. You can use Kojivit gel and Glyco-6 for the same on alternate nights. There are various brands in the market which has a combination of Vitamin C, Kojic acid like Clearz cream, Clearz plus, Ban-A-Tan and Niltan creams. All can be applied in the night to give the lightening effect provided it is protected with a good sun-block during the day.

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