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Does cutting down on roti  and rice help lose weight?

Fat Burners

Sunny asks,
I am a 24-year-old man and I want to know about the body building supplements like creatine, whey protein, amino acid tablets. Is there anything wrong in using a fat burner?

Dear Sunny,
Creatine supplements may cause dehydration, heat-related illnesses, muscle cramps, minor gastrointestinal distress, nausea, reduced blood volume, and electrolyte imbalances. Other than weight gain, negative side effects have not been well documented by researchers. New research on the supplement creatine shows that taking it for a week does not raise blood pressure or cause kidney problems. You can take any of these supplements as long as you do not substitute them for meals.


Slim Right

Girish asks,
I have put on weight after my marriage and I tried to revert to my original weight (with controlled eating) but there is no change. Please suggest me the right way to lose weight.

Dear Girish,
Eat at regular intervals and do not skip any meals. For breakfast you can have an egg and a slice of bread or a cup of skimmed milk and some cereal - upma  - poha. Mid-morning you can eat some fruit and some thin buttermilk. For lunch you can have a roti with veggies and a cup of dal or a piece of fish/chicken. Snack on fruits and some roasted or boiled chana or any other pulse. Keep dinner the same as lunch.

No Roti  or Rice

Shipri asks,
Does cutting down roti  and rice completely from dinner help lose weight? Can I have milk before I go to sleep and still not gain weight? Please advise me, as I am having only fruits and milk for dinner these days.

Dear Shipri,
To lose weight you need to eat at regular intervals. Skipping meals and keeping long intervals between meals lowers your metabolic rate and the body goes into starvation mode where it hoards all the energy. You lose fewer calories and generally end up eating more during meal times. You must have a good breakfast, a light lunch and dinner. You must eat regularly and snack on fruits between meals. Your lunch and dinner must contain some salads, curd made from low fat milk and lots of vegetables. Try eating something every 2-3 hours to keep your metabolic rate up and also exercise daily for 30 minutes. If you are a vegetarian, it is important to eat some cereal with your dal to make it a complete protein meal. Drinking skimmed milk will not make you gain weight as long as the daily consumption of milk and milk products is not more than 750 ml.

Say No to Temptations

Racheal asks,
I'm 25-year-old and I recently got married. I'm a housewife. I've been noticing that for the past few months I've started eating too much. I can't control my appetite and keep eating every 2 hours. I'm 5'3 and weigh 65 kgs. I've put on 9 kgs in 3 months. Please help.

Dear Racheal,
It takes only a few seconds to turn away from temptations. The next time you feel like eating something without really feeling hungry, just tell yourself to turn away and occupy yourself in some other activity. Try to identify the times you go for snacks and make sure you keep yourself busy around those times. Snack on low calorie snacks like fruits, roasted chana, popcorn, and sukha bhel. If possible, stop keeping any damaging snacks in the house. Drink plenty of water, eat fruits and salads daily.

Gain Weight

Vidya asks,
I am 28-year-old and I'm  very slim. I want to gain some weight but I don't feel like eating proper meals on time. Currently I weigh around 40 kgs. Please suggest me how to gain some weight?

Dear Vidya,
All you need is a well-balanced diet with plenty of fruits, salads and dry fruits like dates, figs and apricots. Exercise helps improve digestion and thereby helps you to gain some weight.

Jyoti Mehta
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