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5 Carbs to Be Away From
Carbs you should avoid... We all know its a bad idea to starve or go on a strict diet that only includes liquids and fruits and no carbs or proteins. If you really want to shed some extra kilos, the best thing to do is follow a balanced diet. Your body needs a bit of everything, be it carbs or proteins. But it's important you eat the right kind of food. There are certain carbs you should be away from, if you're serious about losing weight. We list down 5 carbs to avoid...

  1. White Bread
    White bread is (literally) bleached and during the refining process, the flour used to make white bread is also stripped of most of its nutrients, making it one of the carbs to stay away from. In fact, some of the nutrients are added back with chemicals, but really, most of the calories in white bread come from empty carbs, like sugar (high fructose corn syrup), not fiber (like the carbs in whole grain bread).
  2. White Rice
    White rice, unlike brown rice, is another carb to stay away from. Like white bread, most of the calories in white rice that come from carbs are simple starches. Rather than indulging in this plain, white rice, switch to brown rice, which is tastier and contains 'good' carbs.
  3. Soda
    All of the carbs in soda are from sugar (or high fructose corn syrup), and that contains a lot of calories — 240 calories per 8 ounce serving, to be exact. And most of us don’t drink only 8 ounces. We drink closer to 20 ounces… that’s almost three times the calories, a whopping 600 calories! So, soda is definitely a carb to avoid.  
  4. Candy
    We're all aware of this, aren't we? Most candies are filled with carbs from sugar, without, like soda, any redeeming nutrients. There are exceptions: a small bit of dark chocolate contains valuable anti-oxidants. 
  5. Loaded Potatoes
    Potatoes themselves aren’t necessarily carbs to stay away from, but all the stuff we load them with isn’t a good idea at all! Cheese? Creame? All of these are loaded with fat, which has turned this healthy plain baked potato into a carb to avoid. A better bet? A sweet potato. Without brown sugar or marshmallow.

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