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Beauty tips for a glowing skin

Dr. Jamuna Pai Dr. Jamuna Pai
Leading cosmetologist who runs her own cosmetic clinics in Mumbai.

Scar removal

Saroj asks,
I have a scar mark on my nose which I got during an accident, and I would like to minimise it. What treatment would prove effective?

Dear Saroj,
Scar mark on the nose can be reduced by microdermabrasion which removes top layers of the skin. Also subcision, filler substances can help reduce the scar.

Facial hair removal

Ekta asks,
I have a lot of hair on my face which obviously looks dirty. Can you please show me some natural treatment which can reduce the growth of hair on face and also eye brows?

Dear Ekta,
Diode hair removal is safe and effective treatment if done by trained professional. It removes dark hair permanently and reduces the fine hair. Laser sessions are spaced at 4 to 6 weeks interval and 4 to 6 sittings will give you the desired results.


What lies beneath

Shalini asks,
I have had this problem for as long as I can remember. Dark underarms and groins. I am wheatish but these areas are extremely dark. Is there any home remedy, any paste or such, I can use before bathing, or any precaution I can take when I use hair removing creams?

Dear Shalini,
Frictional areas like the inner aspect of thighs tends to be more pigmented or darker and hence unfortunately don't respond well to skin lightening cream. Using a dusting powder during the day will reduce the friction. If you are over weight, reducing the weight will definitely help. Prepare a scrub of milk cream, lime juice and sugar and scrub the dark areas with this twice a week. Bleach this part once in a month. Using skin lightening creams at night containing hydroquinone / kojic acid / azelaic acid / Vit-C will help.

Glowing skin

Sunita D'souza asks,
I'm wheatish and had a good skin. But suddenly the glow that on my face has disappeared. I'm 30 yrs. Is a mixture of chandan  and multani mitti  good for the skin? Will the glow come back?

Dear Sunita,
Skin is a reflection of internal health. Dull complexion could be due to hormonal imbalance or thyroid problem. Check your hormonal and thyroid levels. Consult a dermatologist who will put you on appropriate medication. Mixture of chandan  and multani mitti  will help in reducing oiliness of the skin.

Shining glory

Alpana asks,
I am a working woman (teaching) and wish to have a glorious and shining hair and skin. I have normal type skin and hair. Please suggest some tips.

Dear Alpana,
Skin is a reflection of internal health. For good skin healthy lifestyle is important. Use a good sunscreen (SPF 30 & above), as that prevents the skin from tanning and using it regularly will help your skin look less dark. Use a good moisturising cream at night. Deworming tablet once in a 6 months will also be beneficial. For shining hair, use oil on the roots of the hair. It is the best natural conditioner. Use a good conditioner after shampooing the hair. Increase your protein intake. A good diet, adequate sleep, exercise is what is required for the skin to glow.

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