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A Tie For All Times

A Tie For All TimesA tie is chic. A tie is subtle. Yet it makes a difference. Wear a tie to add that extra touch of style to your persona. We tell you how...

Sometimes it's the subtle attention to detail that can make all the difference to your "look". In the world of men's fashion that includes everything from sportswear, daywear, casuals, formal suits, evening tuxedoes... an accessory, like the "tie" goes with everything.

The origins of the tie:

A Tie For All Times Historically, it is accepted that there is a definite link between the French word for tie, 'cravat' and the French word for Croatian croat. According to myth the French King Louis XIV was so captivated by the 'neckerchiefs' after seeing them on victorious mercenaries from Croatia and he started wearing one himself. And thus started a new style trend.

Over the next couple of hundred years, the tie evolved like much other fashion statements, changing in form, texture and purpose. From the days of the post Industrial Revolution, the British Public School Tie in the 19th century, to the four-knot style of 1920's and the wide over sized flaps of the 70's ... it has quietly redefined the overall ambiance of the male wardrobe.

In its simplicity, motif, color, label, etc, it speaks volumes about the taste of the wearer, the style of the time, symbols of power, mood, and tone are all denoted through this one garment accessory.

A Tie For All Times A must-have:
ShaadiTimes caught up Mr. Puneet Nanda, Designer and Business Director of the Fashion House Satya Paul in New Delhi, to find out the do's and don'ts of "tie look" - one that is timeless, elegant and suitable for the office-goer, the business executive and even for that special evening. A tie can add a dash of oomph to the all-time look of a comfortable suit.

"There is room for all sorts of expression when it comes to a tie," says Nanda. "There are very few ways that a man can express himself so cleverly as a tie. It is considered corporate and classic -- yet it can be fun, playful and expressive if you choose," he continues, implying that many men get used to wearing a "safe" tie, i.e. one that is understated, muted and blends with his outfit.

A Tie For All Times A wide choice:
This brings to mind a common concern -- with the plethora of choices in multi-colors, diagonals, bold prints, hand-painted, one-of-a-kind piece de resistance d'objects of arts, which would be an appropriate choice?

Stresses Nanda, "It is really up to the individual to decide what suits his personality and the occasion."

Latest trends include minimalism, digital photographic transfers, renaissance art, cartoon prints, slogans etc. One attractive trend is the tone-on-tone look with both the tie and shirt in the same hue, contrasting and complimenting the shade of the suit.

Women wear ties too:A Tie For All Times
The tie has transcended barriers and has become a part of women's fashion too. From Italy, the Mediterranean, North America and Japan many working women can be seen supporting a colorful cravat either in the form of a men's tie loosely worn around the shirt collar or even a scarf or a stole.

Nanda admits that it's a wonderful thought, "It's another idea that crosses the boundary. My only caution to the ladies -- if you wear it, then do so without any self doubt."

According to Nanda they have created a scarf line each year for the last 19 years. "There is always a place for the scarf. It is such a timeless, simple, easy and pretty idea - a scarf adds a little spice to the clothes and there are innumerable ways to wear, and play with your scarf, " he suggests.

Before you throw away your old discards, or splurge on a new outfit consider a tie or a scarf to add zest to your vintage-wear or add a touch of glamour to any newly acquired garments in your wardrobe.

Interesting Trivia
  • In the 19th century the popularity of the tie percolated in the British Public School System. Sporting colors became de rigeur. At first, supporters wore school colours on hat-bands around boaters, but eventually someone started the practice of putting the stripes around their neck.
  • The old school tie was born, and with it, the beginning of neckties as we know them today. Regiments followed suit, by using the colors of their uniform facings to match their necktie colors, after the British army began to shed its colorful tunics for practical khaki, less visible to the enemy.
  • In the 1920's, the four-in-hand and the turndown collar had become a standard, aided by the manufacturing methods of a New York tie maker, J. Langsdorf, who developed the idea of cutting the fabric of the tie on the bias and sewing it in three segments. He also added the "slip-stitch," which provided elasticity and allowed the tie to return to its former shape after wear. The finer-cut, modern necktie has been manufactured in the same way since.
  • Sometimes the story behind a tie is as colorful as the tie itself. One afternoon in the 1920s, the actor Norman Forbes Robertson wore a salmon-and-cucumber tie to lunch at London's exclusive Garrick Club, joking that it was the official club tie. So many members wanted one that the club had to formally adopt it. The Zingari Cricket Club boasts the colors black, red and gold, symbolizing the motto "Out of darkness, through fire, into light." The orange, black, blue and yellow tie worn by the old boys of Wellington College takes its hues from the ribbon of the Crimean War medal.

Rohini Bhatia-Singh
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