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A Positive Attitude Aids Personality Enhancement

Dr. Tushar Guha Dr. Tushar Guha
Is the Founder Managing Director of Nrityanjali - the Institute of Performing Arts, Education, Personality Development and Management Services. He is also a practicing Psychologist, Counsellor, Educationist & Corporate Trainer. Have a question? Click here...

Conquer Your Weakness

Question Jasmeen Kaur asks,
I have full confidence in me but I want to improve my personality? I behave and balance myself according to the people with whom I interact. Is it important to walk slowly or laugh in lower tone? Is taking all this into consideration a part of personality development?
Answer Dear Jasmeen Kaur,

Yes, you are right. But then, we have to assess ourselves, others and the situation and interact accordingly. There are no general rules. Each situation is different, every person is different and therefore our behaviour will also have to be in keeping with demands of the situation. You may if you wish join some good personality development course, as you seem very thoughtful of the subject. I am really happy and touched.


Develop Positive Attitude

Question Thangamani asks,
I am a 27 yrs old male. I have some problem while communicating in English. Not only that, if I am having some financial problem, personal problem, etc I feel depressed. How can I improve my confidence and communication? How should I act to develop my positive attitudes?
Answer Dear Thangamani,

Please do not be disheartened. We all go through ups and downs. Financial and personal problems definitely take a toll. You need to talk to some counsellor. If you are in Mumbai, you can meet me - I have no fees. However you can try to be alone with self, read, take a walk, write down your thoughts and read. These are some methods to calm one's mind. As for English, you have to read and speak. Please do circulate and socialise.

Lack Of Motivation

Question Muhammad Rehan asks,
I feel that I am very energetic and can do every thing but due to lack of confidence I don't. How can I motivate myself? How can I create attraction in front of my office colleagues and with peoples I interact?
Answer Dear Muhammad Rehan,

Since you have identified your problem, now act on it. You can join some personality development class where confidence-building activities are taken up. Please begin by appreciating your body, dress well, look in the mirror, try to socialise and circulate also. Speak and share your views. For this you must also read newspapers and be updated.

Developing Skills

Question Johnson asks,
How to develop communication skills in short period? Can personality development lead to overall enhancement?
Answer Dear Johnson,

There could be some improvement in communication skills in short period but that depends on the individual initiative - we do have exercises and activities. Personality development programmes definitely lead to value addition. It is not only physical and about dressing. There is an enormous element of inner growth that induces an individual to be objective, determined and have clarity of perceptions.

Enhance Your Personality

Question Nazina asks,
I am good-looking but don't have a very great personality. I want to work on my negatives and improve myself. I am intelligent but not confident. What things I should take into considerations?
Answer Dear Nazina,

It is always necessary to know one's body - different angles of the face, the expression. Knowledge about dressing, style and walk add to the presentation of self. One has to try out different hairstyles, outfits, makeup and zero down to one's comfort level. We need to be beautiful in our own eyes.

Dr. Tushar Guha will answer your queries. Ask now!
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