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Will Practicing Improve Communication?

Dr. Tushar Guha Dr. Tushar Guha
Is the Founder Managing Director of Nrityanjali - the Institute of Performing Arts, Education, Personality Development and Management Services. He is also a practicing Psychologist, Counsellor, Educationist & Corporate Trainer. Have a question? Click here...

Short Tempered

Question Diksha Rateja asks,
I'm a very sensitive person and loving too. I love people unconditionally but never get back in return. What should I do? My age is 25 and I'm too short tempered. Can you suggest me something to improve myself?
Answer Dear Diksha Rateja,

You have already begun with the process of analysing yourself. This will take care of your short-tempered nature. It will further help you to be less vulnerable. If we truly love some one, you will notice that even if there is no return, we will have pain but not hatred. Pain, I believe is necessary for our strength and growth. Go ahead, you are doing well and right.


Practice Before Communicating

Question Anu asks,
I am a good orator, but sometimes it happens that I am not able to speak, or it happens that my confidence goes down (sometimes). What can I do to enhance my communication further?
Answer Dear Anu,

Try out your trials, try to practice in front of the mirror - take different angles. Also keep reading.

Language Failure

Question Dinesh Keedayil asks,
I am very weak in studies and in work. I have no proper concentration in anything. Presently I’m studying in F.Y.B.Com and also working with very less salary. I don’t have any skill, capability, I cannot speak good English and I am always thinking negative. Please advise me Sir what to do. What are the solutions?
Answer Dear Dinesh Keedayil,

You need to meet a counsellor. If in Mumbai, please get in touch with my office and try to meet me. I don't charge. So please do not hesitate. However, you are troubled because of low self-esteem. Please appreciate your body, try to love yourself. You need to have a good talk with someone.

Personality Enhancement

Question Sunny asks,
What are the best things one should do to improve one’s personality?
Answer Dear Sunny,

Balance your inner and outer self - mind and body. Break your inhibitions, if any, mental and physical. Then communication skills need to be sharpened. Add your style and grace and dress with comfort. However, there are a lot many requirements for a good personality - and it is continuous evaluation of oneself - with values and understanding.

Dr. Tushar Guha will answer your queries. Ask now!
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