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Celebrities » Wedding-stories » Shweta-080324
Shweta & Manaav
No single mantra for a successful marriage

Shweta & Manaav
Shweta loves Manaav as he is. Manaav too doesn't complain about her. Read on to know more about the couple in love...

He is an actor cum anchor. He was one of the presenters of Sony Television's Fame Gurukul. She was the original bad bahu in Balalji telefilms' Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki. They were loved in Nach Baliye. They both rock as a couple and compliment each other very well.


Presenting the most rock solid couple of tellywood - Shweta Kawatra and Manaav Gohil in conversation with Shaaditimes...

On marriage...
Shweta: Ours was a love marriage. We courted for almost 3 1/2 years. We were good friends earlier.

Who broke the ice? How?
Manaav: It was me. Actually I didn't propose. We were friends for quite a long time. Somewhere down the line, I felt that she is something more to me than a friend. And then I just told her and we got along.

Shweta & Manaav So no typical declarations from the heart?
Manaav: (Laughs) No. Just a simple I love you. That's it. It really works, you know?

First date?
Manaav: A romantic candle light dinner. But it was quite homely.

One thing you like about him / her?
Shweta: Everything. I can't tell you one quality about him that I like. I like and love him as a complete person.

Manaav: She has this wonderful blend of qualities. She is dependable, caring and there is much more to the list that I love about her.

One thing you dislike about him / her?
Shweta: He has this habit of keeping things untidy. That really irks me. He just throws things here and there. It is really annoying at times. One has to be proper, keep things in place. But he is an exception. Other wise as I said I like everything about him.

Manaav: She is very unpunctual. She never makes it on time.

Memorable gift given by him / her?
Shweta: He presented me with a little doggy. That's definitely one of the best and most thoughtful gifts I've got from him.

Manaav: She came in my life as my love - and that to me is the most memorable gift given by her. She completed my life. She gave a meaning to my life and a reason for me to live happily.
What else can one ask for?

Mantra of successful marriage?
Shweta: There is no one mantra or rule for a successful marriage. Each person may have his or her different mantra. I have yet to find out. When I shall find out I shall surely let you know. But I think you need to give your partner some space. Understanding each other very well is also one thing that makes marriage work. That's all I have found out till date.

We made the couple go through a compatibility test. Here's how each of them fared.

Favourite colour- I am not very sure, it can be either Black or brown. Shweta is actually a very colourful person. Her choice keeps on changing.
Favourite cuisine - Thai.
Favourite restaurant - Mainland China.
Ideal place for romantic holiday - Manhattan. We just love to go there in winters. Walk down the streets, have hot coffee.
Score: 3 / 4

Favourite colour - Black.
Favourite cuisine - Thai.
Favourite restaurant - Mainland China.
Ideal place for romantic holiday - Manhattan. We just love to go there and walk around in the snow and have hot coffee.
Score: 4 / 4

This was just a fun test; but the real test of marriage is based on love, trust and faithfulness.

Vaibhavi V. Pradhan
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