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Peas in a pod
It takes two to tango

Love is mysterious. Sometimes we wonder how two opposites spend a lifetime together. They complain, hate, nag and demand. But also endure, forgive and love. Shaaditimes shook some known faces out of their relationship reverie to speak about their better half. Let us understand what keeps them together.

Shruti & Alok Ulfat

Two things you dislike in your spouse
Shruti: I dislike him because he doesn't allow me to make mistakes. He is too perfect. He is dangerously organised and he expects the same from me.
Alok: I don't dislike anything in her.

Two things you love about your spouse
Shruti: He is a fantastic husband and he allows me to grow.
Alok: She is down to earth. She doesn't compromise on bullshit or materialistic ideas.

 Alok Ulfat & Shruti Two things that brought you together
Shruti: Theatre and marriage. Three months after we first met at the workshop, we got married.
Alok: Our intention to save the society and to explore life to the optimum.

Two things you have in common
Shruti: We both cook well and are vegetarian. We both believe in environment.
Alok: We both are performers. We both love poetry.

Two things you both hate
Shruti: We hate people throwing garbage on the road and people who are not themselves.
Alok: We hate drugs. We hate non-vegetarian food.

Manini De & Mihir Mishra

Two things you dislike in your spouse
Manini: The first thing he does when he wakes up in the morning is smoke, and that annoys me a lot. He is very careless about himself, he never goes to the doctor if he is not well. I have to always push him.
Mihir: There is nothing I hate about her. She is perfect.

Two things you love about your spouse
Manini: He is one of the most genuine, loving and affectionate people. He has the ability to give you so much.
Mihir: The way she calms me down and romances with me.

Mihir Mishra & Manini De Two things that brought you together
Manini: Our ability to be honest and our straight forwardness. We both are full of life and our sense of humour also matches.
Mihir: Destiny and the unexplainable love for each other.

Two things you have in common
Manini: Ability to laugh in the middle of a fight. We enjoy going out, fine dining and fine conversation.
Mihir: We both have passion for life and passion for each other.

Two things you both hate
Manini: We hate people who try to control us, may be because we both are fire signs. Also people who create a scene in public.
Mihir: We hate diplomatic people and all those who lie.

Ekta & Mohnish Behl

Two things you dislike in your spouse
Ekta He is a workaholic, which sometimes gets on my nerves.
Mohnish: I hate absolutely nothing about her.

Two things you love about your spouse
Ekta: His nature. He is a very understanding husband.
Mohnish: She is an excellent human being and looks stunning.

Mohnish Behl & Ekta Two things that brought you together
Ekta: A crocin that he offered me on the set, that's how we started knowing each other. Ours was a love at first sight.
Mohnish: And our nature.

Two things you have in common
Ekta: Our daughter. We both have a good sense of humour.
Mohnish: Our daughter and the emotional and physical relationship we share.

Two things you both hate
Ekta: Untidiness and we both hate our daughter not doing well in her studies.
Mohnish: Dishonesty and untidiness.

Sabina S Mary
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