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Celebrities » Wedding-stories » Nikki-chintapoli-reddy-031229
Time has not withered...
Nikki and C. P. Reddy share an enduring bond

Children, his weakness
"His integrity and no-nonsense attitude are his greatest strengths. He is meticulous, analytical and incredibly organised in his approach towards, both professional and personal life. He is always true to his word and keeps his promises," vouches Nikki.

"The children are his greatest weakness; they can get away with anything. If one of his daughters were to insist that the sun was actually the moon, he'll accept it without batting an eyelid," says Nikki indulgently.

...And she has none
"She is an intelligent woman, a supportive wife and a caring mother. Nikki can gauge my frame of mind accurately without uttering a single word - that is undoubtedly her greatest strength. She reads me like a book. She is always involved in some kind of charity work, whether it is monetary support to charitable institutions or collecting clothes for distribution to orphanages. She works for her personal satisfaction away from the public eye," says the doting husband, who doesn't find any weakness in her.


Uncommon advice for aspiring couples
Both C.P. and Nikki emphasize on financial independence as a prerequisite for a happy marriage, a belief they have ingrained in their daughters, too. "Financial stability is important, but that doesn't mean you have to be filthy rich. You should have enough to sustain your life's needs," C.P. stresses. For Nikki, money is important but not at the cost of personal priorities. "A woman shouldn't be so ambitious that she forgets her family life. She should have a bank balance enough to sustain herself whenever the need arises."

Nikki has another advice to offer marrying-couples. "I always emphasize that a couple should undergo tests for blood groups, Thalessemia and AIDS, before tying the knot, to prevent complications later on."

Daughters dare to dream
This couple has had their share of adjustments and compromises. There were major differences when all three of their daughters decided to enter modeling and film-world. "At first, my husband was opposed to the idea," says Nikki, "but I wanted them to follow their dreams. I think every parent must guide their children through their careers by supporting them and not by shunning them." And C.P. relented. "I had some reservations in the beginning, but Nikki convinced me otherwise. I agreed to their aspirations as long as they excelled in their field with dignity and self respect."

"All my daughters have different personalities," says Nikki. "Sushma is impulsive and short-tempered, at times, but she has taken all her father's positive qualities; Meghna is a very happy-go-lucky girl, whereas Sameera has a tranquil personality. Our ambition as parents was to see our daughters work hard, make a career for themselves and lead their lives with self-respect. I have always wanted my daughters to be financially independent. We have left the decision of marriage entirely up to them," she trails off.

Aseem Hattangady
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