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Celebrities » Wedding-stories » Ashutosh-gowariker-041228
Sunita & Ashutosh Gowariker: Complements to each other!

Sunita, do you have any financial background?
Ashutosh GowarikerAshutosh: Not at all, but she has an amazing sense of money matters, as I have learnt in our 16 years of marriage!

Sunita: I must admit that my father-in-law has a large part to play in my financial abilities. I also could take up the role of executive producer only because my in-laws stay just a floor below us and were wonderful enough to look after my sons Konark, aged thirteen, and Vishwan, aged eight. I also planned things in such a way that during the Wai schedules that form the bulk of the film, I was in Mumbai for three days and on location for three. The location is about four hours' drive from Mumbai. Also I had the support of Mr Srinivas Rao, who was my online producer. And Ashutosh and I had decided that our office must be very close to our home, so that if there was an emergency I could reach home in five minutes.


But surely there must have been an overlap.
Sunita: Well, he does sound his ideas across to me. But Ashutosh wanted to be left alone for the creative angles. To date, even after the film is released, Ashutosh simply hasn't a clue about the figures!

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Still from Swades Still from Swades
Still from Swades
There seems to be a comfort zone with A.R.Rehman and Javed Akhtar.
Ashutosh: At the time of Lagaan, it was a different ballgame. Aamir had recommended me, Rehman and Javed Akhtar-saab were big already, but they were like, 'What's this guy going to do? Will he be good?' This time round, yes, there was a comfort zone.

But you have extracted his best score since Lagaan.
Ashutosh: I think that it is the situations that generate the lyrics, the music and the orchestration. A music director needs this organic kind of inspiration and excitement to work well.

You are on the Oscar board. Does that mean you are on the jury?
Ashutosh: I have been chosen as a member of the Directors' branch of the Academy. My privileges include access to their library of films, special screenings, exclusive other privileges and being a voting member. This means that I will be watching and voting on American films sent home on DVD to me.

Rajiv Vijayakar
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