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Older Woman, Younger Man
Can Such Relationships Last?
Even after the world has set foot in the 21st century, a lot of fuss is still being made about the younger man older woman relationship trend.

The first celebrity couple that comes to mind when talking about this trend is undoubtedly Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. But our very own Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh had started this trend in India more than a decade back. Yes, that relationship has since come to an end. But, the question that begs to be asked is this - "Did the relationship end because of the younger man/older woman scenario? Can such relationships ever last?"

The role of men and women in society, particularly Indian society, has pretty much been well defined since ages. A relationship where the man is older than his woman, and in which the man is the breadwinner while the woman is the homemaker, is the norm. But in recent years, an extremely powerful role reversal is happening around the globe, and India too is witnessing its impact.

Women are becoming increasingly independent and powerful in their own right. They have careers, can earn as much as their men, and aren't shy about getting into a relationship with a man who is younger than them. In fact, many women who are in such relationships wouldn't want to be in a 'normal' relationship, as with a younger man they have more freedom to be themselves and don't feel controlled as much.

Because the older woman/younger man relationships aren't the norm (yet), people do focus a lot on the age difference between the couples. Most people think that such relationships are doomed right from the start. A lot of negative comments surface such as "She's just trying to recapture her youth by marrying someone 10 years her junior!" or, "He's going to be with her only till his career and financial situation are on track and then he'll drop her for someone younger!" But if a partnership between a man who is 10 years older than his woman can work, why not one in which the woman is older?

Here's what Mr. Paresh Mehta, a Mumbai based counsellor, has to say on the subject; "The older woman/younger man relationships can succeed and very well at that. It is how you connect with each other and how well your partnership works that matters and not the ages of the respective partners."

What he says is that age matters when people are in their teens or their adolescent years. For instance, when you're 18, someone who is just 3-4 years older may seem ancient to you. That is because you are at different places in life, are experiencing different things, and your outlook towards life may be extremely different. You communicate differently and also have vastly diverse goals from life. All these aspects can interfere greatly in your relationship and cause it to fail.

But, as people grow older, become more mature, and cross a certain age their outlook towards life pretty much is on the same page regardless of their ages. Their relationship skills too are quite well balanced. So, a difference of 4-5 years or even a larger difference of 10-15 years does not really matter much.

It is very difficult to say with surety that a particular marriage fell apart only because of the older woman/younger man situation. Going back to the Saif-Amrita example, who is to say that their marriage would not have disintegrated even if Saif was older and Amrita younger?

If you have found someone you can love, who you get along with, and if you have mutual goals for life, then you have a very strong basis for a relationship. And if the woman happens to be older than her man; well... what about it?

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Ruchi Agarwal
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