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Human relationships are very complex. Does a formula for a perfect relationship exist? How essential are love, lust, aggression, jealousy and passion in a relationship?

Nodody is perfect to have a perfect relationship

Mrinal Deshraj plays one of the leads in Sony's new serial Ek Ladki Anjaani Si . She also appeared in serials like Kabhi Aaye Na Judaai , Zindagi Teri Meri Kahaani Hai.

Mrinal believes that there cannot be a formula for a perfect relationship, but she accepts that relationships can be worked with adjustments, acceptance and compromises.

Mrinal Deshraj

Mrinal Deshraj
Nothing can exist without love. You cannot live your life with a person you just like. You have to love that person. So basically love is essential in a relationship. The most important thing is, love does not happen over night. You have to first like that person, understand that person and then slowly start loving that person. The existence of a relationship means you love. It also means adjustments, acceptance and compromises. At the same time one should not forget that nobody is perfect, so there cannot be a perfect formula for a perfect relationship. There are ups and downs in life and similarly in relationships.

Lust is not essential in a relationship. It is just a part of a relationship. Love is everything. Lust is just attraction, it is just bodily pleasures but love is much more than that.


The way we are passionate about our work, profession, our hobbies, similarly we need to be passionate about the one we love. Passion cannot be expressed in words literally but you should be able to see it in his eyes.

If ever I experience aggression in my relationship I would immediately quit. It doesn't make sense to live together if two people cannot get along or cannot respect each other. If it is just verbal then one should understand, communicate and try to sort out things, but if it is getting too abusive and violent then it is best to walk out of the bad relationship. Lifting hands is not just illegal but also shows that you have been taken for granted.

If you love someone it is normal to feel jealous when you see your beloved with someone else. Infact, jealousy is healthy but there is always a limit. You need to give some space.

Sabina S Mary
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