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Celebrities » Fitness-tips » Mansi-parekh-060905
Mansi goes India calling
"I love regional food"

Mansi ParekhMansi Parekh started her career with Ekta Kapoor's Kitni Mast Hai Zindagi  on MTV when she was chosen in a talent hunt contest. She was even part of Kasauti Zindagi Kay , but then she chose India Calling  on Star One where she got to play the lead role and since then there has been no looking back.

On the personal front Mansi has recently tied the knot with beau Paarthiv Gohil, a singer. Speaking on her food fantasies and fitness secrets, Mansi divulges, "like Chandni in India Calling  I am a simple and grounded girl but I am not so traditional."


Sense and sensuality
To me food is very special. It is not just something which is essential, it is more than that. It is some thing which appeals to my senses. You can call me a complete foodie. I love food which tastes good and looks good too. I do not like bland food. I am a Gujarati but I also love experimenting with food from different regions. Other than Indian food I like Italian and Chinese. I do not like sweets. I hardly binge on junk food. I carry my food to the shoot because my doctor has asked me not have oily stuff.

Daily dose
I have a very bad habit of skipping breakfast. I just stick to 2 meals a day. I do not snack on any in-between meals. I like all vegetables except karela  and dudhi . For lunch I take dal , rice and sabzi . I munch on fruits sometimes. I love water melon, apple and coconut. I do not have a full course dinner. I prefer to keep it light like a sandwich. I come from a vegetarian family so I do not have non-vegetarian food at home. I have non-veg when I go out with friends.

Lazy bone
I'm very lazy in the kitchen. I cook only when I have no other option. I love to only eat. My mother and maid takes care of the cooking part. I can make Chinese food because not only is it is my favourite, but also easy to make. I generally make only snacks like sandwiches and noodles. My mom is the best cook and she can make a variety of dishes which I can never think of taking the pains to make. I wish my husband was a good cook too. But till now he has only experimented with butter toast! (laughs) I love Kebabs  and Curries at ITC Maurya Sheraton. I also love Lemon Grass that serves Vietnamese and Thai food.

Fitness factor
I think having a good figure matters a lot for actors because it makes a person attractive. People love to watch you and that is what you are ultimately paid for. But this does not mean that if you only look good you will be successful. For an actor you need a balanced combination of talent, hard work and good looks.

Thank God I do not have to exercise to maintain my figure. I had always been slim and do not have the tendency to put on weight very easily. I do pranayam  and meditation in the morning and I used to follow it up with yoga earlier. But that has taken a back seat now. Now-a-days, I do not follow any fitness regime. Sometimes I go out for a walk for 30-40 minutes. For a healthy body you need 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Now-a-days... I even do not get that much of rest.

Beauty secrets
I have never been a heavy make-up person and have never taken any special care for my skin and hair. This has not changed even after my marriage. I use a face cleanser in the morning and then dab some moisturiser. I avoid colouring my hair. I like black hair. I apply Jaborandi  oil to my hair before a shampoo and I think it helps to maintain the lustre.

I have never gone on a diet. For me dieting means restricting food from outside. I think ghar ka khana  substitutes everything that a vitamin capsule can give. It helps you to have a good skin and hair naturally.

Singing bird
I have learnt classical Indian singing. But it is very sad that nowadays I do not do regular riyaz  as I do not get time. But I will get back to it soon. I take 2 glasses of warm water every morning. I know you should avoid sour and cold foods for a good voice, but I believe that if you take everything in moderation your body will become accustomed to it in a while. So I do not follow any such restrictions and my body is used to it and it does not come in my way.

Zindagi  rocks
For me the spice of my life is my work, work and more work. Though it is tiring sometimes, it gives immense satisfaction and leaves a smile on my face. I'm only twenty-two now but when I look into the lives of other twenty-two year olds, I find that they still lead a very sheltered life. I had a chance to explore life and have learnt many important lessons in life by now. This makes me feel proud. Even if I would not have been an actor I would have definitely been in the entertainment industry. Maybe a singer.

Now-a-days, I do not have the luxury to enjoy an active social life. I have not met up with my friends for more than 2 months and I miss them. Whenever I get time I catch up with films or go shopping for books and music or go to watch a play. I'm very interested in plays and would love to do some myself.

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