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Celebrities » Celebrity-news » Meghna-080707
Meet Meghna: Nice 'n' Naidu

Just back from South Africa, Kaliyon Ka Chaman girl Meghna Naidu, was one of the luminaries in the new show ''Fear Factor'' anchored by Bollywood super star Akshay Kumar.

''I have no words to speak about the experience. Akshay is well - Akshay. He really is wow! I was in Johannesburg for just about three weeks where the show ''Fear Factor'' was televised,'' she says, and continues, ''It was fun and strenuous. There were thirteen of us - including the glamour brigade of Sonali Kulkarni, Pooja Bedi, and Yana Gupta - and we really had loads of fun together.''

Was there any jealousy between the stars?
"Absolutely not. There wasn't any time for squabbles, as we had to focus on completing each task to stay in the show and avoid elimination. We were like thirteen sisters on set."

When she's not doing reality television, filming in the South, or doing stage shows she loves spending time with people close to her.

"I am close to both my parents, and to my sister Sona who is currently in London studying." Currently single, Meghna loves to spend time with her gal pals.

Does she believe it's a man's world?
"No way. Female power," she says. "Women are taking over. Women can have it all and have much more interesting lives," she believes.

There more to this sultry sex symbol than her sexy image!
"I love spending time with my friends, my parents, and my sister (when she's in town), and I love to go to movies and read Mills and Boons," says the Southern belle. "Although the Mills and Boon covers these days are somewhat risqué with real pictures instead of the old time drawings. I like the previous covers as I think they left more to your imagination, and I think that is really what makes them so romantic," she believes.

A Mumbai girl at heart and home, Meghna hails from the south and speaks fluent Telegu. Despite her glamorous image she insists, "I am really a home bird. I love to chill with friends, quiet dinners, parties, coffee… and we've even started a Gym club where all of us meet and hang-out," she laughs.

Something else you probably wouldn't know about her.
"Yes I believe in love and want to get married someday. If the right man asks me I want to be a homemaker and look forward to getting married and having a family."

What would be a turn off?
"Being involved with someone that wasn't forthright and honest. Nowadays we women are exposed to so many things with work, career, and education. I also would expect my man to be true to me. I would definitely not tolerate him fooling around behind my back."

"I think to respect him and for him to respect me there would have to be honesty in the relationship so I wouldn't take any nonsense of this manner. I would want the kind of marriage my parents share - strong and grounded."

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