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Being Candid

Kareena Kapoor InterviewShe is fashion's darling and Bollywood's hottest babe. In spite of this she doesn't like to be called a glamour queen. She's one actress who makes you believe that there are people who can have it all: beauty, fame, success, love, glamour and happiness. Nobody is more blessed than she is and nobody would even be quicker to admit it. Here's actress Kareena Kapoor on her successful career, family, relationship with Saif Ali Khan and about keeping it real...

  • Coming from a filmi background did you know that you wanted to be an actress?
    Since childhood I’ve been very clear about my acting career. I wasn’t interested in anything else apart from acting. I remember as a kid, when I was about 4-year-old, I would switch on the TV and dance along with the actress. So I was quite filmi even as a kid. (Laughs)! Of course, it’s got a lot to do with me being born in the Kapoor family but apart from that I was also equally passionate about acting. 
  • What was it like to grow up as a Kapoor?
    My family is pretty cosmopolitan. My parents are very open-minded and I’m lucky to have been born in a Kapoor family. I don’t remember if my parents ever pressurized me for anything. Karisma and me, we were always free to take our own decisions, be it about our career or anything.
  • What’s your current state of mind, after the success of Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu?
    It feels great. Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu is a different kind of film. It's a fun film and I somehow knew that youngsters would quite like it. So, I'm glad it's a success and that people have appreciated my wok and look in the film.  

  • What do you enjoy doing the most – commercial cinema or alternative films like Omkara and Chameli?
    I love films like Omkara, but I don't mind doing commercial films too. Actually, I think it’s difficult for an actress to have a great role in commercial films. So for me it really depends on what kind of role I’m offered. If it’s a kind of role that I haven’t done before, I would love to do it. 
  • Is it the script, director or the cast that really matters to you before you sign a film?
    It would be the script, then the role, the director and finally the actor.
  • Having worked with all the Khans in the industry, who are you most comfortable working with on screen?
    I’ve known all the four Khans since I was a child. In fact, they’re all Karisma’s heroes (laughs) and I feel lucky to have worked with all four of them. 
  • You’ve been in the industry for a decade now…new releases, pressure, competition, box-office – does it all still affect you?
    Not really! I think you just need to have trust in your talent and work, only then can you sustain for it. But if you have the insecurity of not having talent and if you’re just relying on success, that’s when competition comes in. If you’re talented you’ll last forever and if not, you won’t last for long, it’s simple. That’s why the Khans, despite of being 45 and above are still the pillars of the industry. It’s because of pure talent and creativity. As long as I’m continuing to do a good job by playing different roles and entertaining the audience, competition doesn’t stand a chance.
  • You're one of Bollywood's most glamorous actresses, but why don’t you like being called a 'glamour' queen?
    I think I’m the only actress who’s showed that I have more in me than just glamour. I love being called glamorous, no doubt but there are lot of people who’re more glamorous than me. Moreover, I think I’ve done some really good work in the last ten years of my career and I would like it if people recognize me as a good actress than just a glamour queen.
  • One star you would want to work with?
    I do not have any favourites but if there’s someone I haven’t worked with, I would love to do a film with him. For instance, Imran and me, we paired up onscreen for the first time and people quite liked us. So, I'm open to working with every actor.
  • You've always been very open about your relationship with Saif. Is it because you’re proud to have him in your life and you always wanted the world to know or because you hate lying. Like you’ve always said in your interview's that you like to be honest?
    If you’re in love, there’s nothing to hide about it and if you do, I think in someway you’re disrespecting your partner. I think, love is not something that you can hide behind the curtains. I’ve always been very open about my relationship with Saifu (Saif Ali Khan) because I’m proud to have him in my life. Moreover, I think if you don’t try to hide things, the media won't try and annoy you.

  • You made an announcement saying you and Saif plan to get married in 2012. So, is marriage on the cards?
    Well, yes I did say that but I believe there's a right time for everything. We have no plans of marriage right now, as we're concentrating on the release of Agent Vinod and our career. Yes, Of course like other girls, I too want to get married but only when the time is right. Saif and me, we’re doing really well in our careers and it’s a fact that for a woman, her career does get affected once she’s married. So it’ll happen when the time is right. 
  • Tell us something about your upcoming film, Agent Vinod?
    Agent Vinod is an spy-action film. It's a big film and it's intelligent with a fresh concept, so I'm sure people will like it. It's got a lot of action sequences and the story interestingly has some nice twists and turns. I would say the film has every possible element that is sure to entertain the audience. It's releasing on 23 March.
  • You've done a Mujra number in the film for the first time. How did that come about?
    Yes, it's the first time I've done a mujra song and I just hope people like it. This song, 'Dil Mera Muft Ka' blended well with the plot of the film, so I didn't mind doing it. In fact, I was quite excited about it, as it was something new for me. There's a sequence in Agent Vinod that has been shot in Pakistan, so the director thought it would be right to have a classical dance form like mujra in the film.
  • What are the projects you're currently working on?
    I'm currently busy with Reema Kagti's Talaash and Heroine directed by Madhur Bhandarkar, which are scheduled to release sometime in 2012. 

Vipasha Pillai
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