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Celebrities » Celebrity-news » Anuuj-saawhney-060228
Anuuj Saawhney - "Bollywood has been very giving..."

Anuuj Saawhney How would you describe your journey from Nayee Padosan  to Chingaari ?
The journey has been very heartening. Bollywood has been very giving in terms of the kind of work offered and encouragement received. A newcomer like me often finds it difficult to get a foothold in this industry, but Bollywood, the people around me... all have pleasantly surprised me! I pray this upward spiral continues and I keep the trust and faith bestowed upon me by one and all.

How different, or rather simply, how was it working for a lady director?
Kalpanaji  is a creative genius. Her detailing of the character graph and situation, coupled with the flexibility offered to me to work within the given constraints served as an ideal workspace to explore and grow for a newcomer like me. I don't understand how the gender would make any difference whatsoever. I am not only lucky, but also privileged to work with a director of the stature of Kalpana Lajmi at the threshold of my career.

What was the whole controversy, involving you and Sushmita Sen, all about?
The controversy arose due to the misinterpretation of something I had said in order to create a saleable 'scoop' story. I was taken aback and shocked when the comments I had given were twisted to such an extent, with the extra masala  added, just to catch some attention. Such tactics are very selfish and the media should understand the sentiments of the people involved. I was very hurt when I first heard about the story. It hurt everybody involved. But it's been done and over with. Sushmita has been a great co-star and friend to work with. God bless her always.

What genre would Chingaari  as a film fit into - Commercial, masala  pot-boiler or an offbeat film?
A commercial film is a film which is commercially viable with a scope to rake in the moolah at the box office. Chingaari  is a brilliant film with the potential to become a huge success due to its awe inspiring plot, performances and direction. Everyone involved with this project has given more than their 100% and I strongly believe that sincere efforts definitely pay off.


Where do you see yourself 10 years down the line?
Right at the top! Period.

Ok, till now we have heard from Anuuj, the actor, now let's grill Anuuj, the person.

5 things that you look for in a girl
The wit, smile, eyes, smell and walk.

4 romantic things you have done
  • Walked 8 kms in the middle of the night to catch a glimpse of her, just to find out she's out of town.
  • Bought a ring I couldn't afford to lose it before gifting it to her.
  • Sang 'Making love out of nothing at all' in front of the entire college, just to forget the words after singing the very first line.
  • Organised a school trip to be with her for a week, just to realise she's missed the train!

3 dreams you want accomplished
I hope to become a great husband, father and son someday.

2 most expensive gifts you have ever bought
  • A ring for her I lost before meeting her
  • A sports car I crashed the very next day!

1 person you would like to be in your next birth
Myself, but a wee bit taller (laughs).

Sagar Patel
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