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Tarot In Relationship Compatibility

Divya Chugh Divya Chugh
A renowned tarot expert specializing in relationship issues. She excels in ''Compatibility Counseling''. She has immense experience relating with the problems of professionals, youth, students and families. She gives guidance to all kind of working professionals.

Tarot In Relationship Compatibility Relationship and association are what make man a social animal. Relations give strength, support, and security to human beings.

Every kind of relationship has its own unique kind of contribution. We all crave for the love of our beloved; cherish the support of our family members and enjoy the bonds with our friends. Our emotional, mental and physical fulfillment is derived from the relationships we have.

The Tarot is a wondrous and exquisite tool for figuring out different 'UNKNOWNS' of life. It is an independent study how one can develop, evolve and grow to the best of one's ability and potential.


The solution of a problem pertaining to relationships is mostly found on 'MAJOR ARCANA'. Major cards in Tarot consist of 22 cards. These act as a 'psychological tool' and help the individual to view and realize his or her mental, physical, emotional and spiritual strengths and weaknesses. They also give a glimpse of your hidden wishes and feelings.

There are only 12 Birth Card pairs to share among us all. These are like twelve great rivers, each creating a defining environment for the particular beings that spend their whole lives in them. Major Arcana Birth Card starts from FOOL card and ends with the WORLD card.

Learn About The Main Major Cards That Enhance Love & Relations

Reading The Relationship Spread:
  • The 'Relationship spread' clarifies the decisions in one's Love Life. This spread covers all areas & gives direction to be taken in the betterment of relation
  • Desire: What you want
  • Romance: What is going on now?
  • Endings: Current situations likely to change
  • Anxiety: What is or may be causing trouble?
  • Emotions: How will you feel?
  • Time: The effects over time
  • Blessings: What will help or hinder you
  • Action: How you should proceed
  • Unions: What this relationship will produce
  • Outcome: The summation or outcome of this reading

When does Tarot help in love life & relationships?
There are several situations in which Tarot can come to your aid. Some of the issues asked about are:
  • Counseling guidance for answers to relationship problems
  • Marriage problems and trouble
  • Help with love life
  • Learning how renew your relationship from the past
  • Dealing with problematic issues affecting married partners
  • A Tarot reader & counselor looks deep inside to the root problem of relationships and helps to end the cause of grief. Divya's Advice for someone going for a Tarot reading is:
    "Note: What you see, listen to what you hear, and believe what you feel."

Learn About The Main Major Cards That Enhance Love & Relations

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